October is here and it’s time for a revision for my morning routine, shake things up a little. Hey, nothing says spontaneity like a schedule. . .

So here it is. My new agenda. It is totally happening. Like every day. For sure.

1. Tea. Vitamins. WATER. In that order.
2. Read newsfeeds for 30 minutes, only. Actual news is good since it’s helpful to have an idea of what’s going on in the world around you besides the fake lives people put on facebook. Yep, recognition of hypocrisy right there. High five self for acknowledging this. But seriously, Set a timer for 30. then
3. Breakfast- Protein and veggies. Dairy- si! pero Grains-no bueno. And stop staring down the trail mix. You can have that crap later. On your salad. For lunch.
4. Journal five to ten minutes. Buy hey, if you can write longer than that go for it (after all, verbosity is the hallmark of exceptional ideas and a large vocabulary. Hello… case in point).
– Be impeccable with your word
– Don’t take anything personally, nothing others do is because of you
– Don’t make assumptions
– Always do your best
6. Exercise for 20-30 minutes. Do a HIIT or quick yoga flow. Stop making excuses. And c’mon, you get to eat carbs after this- yippee! No exercise = no carbs. Word.
7. Coffee. Carb time. Halle-freaking-lujah
8. Kids breakfasts. I guess they need to eat too.
9. Shower and get dressed while kids kill each other. I mean, um, eat their breakfasts and get ready for school.
10. Out the door by 8:35. OUT the DOOR at 8:35. Not 8:40. Not 8:43 Not 8:50. EIGHT F#@*ING THIRTY-FIVE, GIRL. GET YOUR GAME TIGHT.
Let’s see how that goes down. I’m totally committed. One way or another. . .

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