Holy-Day-After-Thanksgiving Food Coma Hangover. Yes, I mean a food hangover, it’s a real thing  (on the “off-chance” it wasn’t before, it is now). Let’s just take a collective groan right here- skip the “om” and go right to the lion’s breath sigh. I am fairly certain I consumed more calories yesterday than I did in … Continue reading SUGA, SUGA



Doubt. Fear. Anxiety. Pressure. Stress. Deadlines. Anger. Frustration.Confusion. Control. Have to. Should. Need. Expectation. Discomfort. Pain. Just reading those words makes my shoulders tighten up, my jaw clench and my brow furrow. Words are powerful. They carry with them the potential to help or to hinder us. To support or to crush us. Words are … Continue reading NO DIGGITY (NO DOUBT)


Ever notice that the more you could really stand to benefit from learning a lesson the more often that lesson keeps showing up in your life? Like a bad pop song (since those are super hard to come by these days. . .), it seems like you just can’t go anywhere without hearing it, seeing … Continue reading CAN’T GET YOU OUTTA MY HEAD


A quick note, if you landed on this page before reading WE THE (VILLAGE) PEOPLE, you might want to take five minutes and read that first, it will provide a bit more context. Although, if you really want to work finding the implied main idea, then it's all you, have at it.  How great are … Continue reading THE BLOCK PARTY: GREATEST HITS


Sometimes the immense human capacity to give and come together overwhelms me. People, as complex and confusing as we are, with our limitless potential to try, fail, grow, and learn, are really quite wonderful creatures. This last weekend I got a lovely reminder of this at our neighborhood block party. And as a super bonus, … Continue reading WE THE (VILLAGE) PEOPLE


Lately I’ve had the opportunity to experience a whole lot of new ambiguity in my life. I’ve been getting very comfortable with change, lots of it. Heaps and heaps of it actually. A good deal by choice, some by circumstance (created in part, arguably, by choice) and some just well, because. This has been equal … Continue reading SHADES OF GRAY


Can you imagine Rose and Jack without “My Heart Will Go On,” envision Harry meeting Sally without “It Had To Be You” playing in the background, watch the Lion King without “Hakuna Matata,” see Eminem in 8mile without um, “losing himself,” or cheer on Rocky while he runs through the city without rockin’ to “Gonna … Continue reading FIX IT: THE PLAYLIST


So, turns out,  I am NOT a Ninja. Shit. Guess I will just remove that from my vision board right now cuz’ not even a “yet” can save that dream. Puzzled? Let me explain. I love yoga so much and have found its impact on my life so very profound that I went through assistant … Continue reading NINJA POWER


I’d like to open this post with a little collective “om” right here. Read this, then close your eyes, put your hands at heart center and say “oooommmmm.” Quit laughing and just do it already. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT (that’s me, chanting for you - go team). Done? Looking around to see how … Continue reading GETTING MY ZEN ON