I’d like to open this post with a little collective “om” right here. Read this, then close your eyes, put your hands at heart center and say “oooommmmm.” Quit laughing and just do it already. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT (that’s me, chanting for you – go team).

Done? Looking around to see how many people noticed your little buddhist move right there? I’d give you a Spiritual Gangster badge to post on your wall but I don’t know how to make those, yet. See me in six months when I’ve figured this whole html coding bit out better.

Why the om? Well, we just returned from a four day jaunt down I-5 to Southern California visit my “sister” and her family.  This is fabulous for reasons numbering beyond what I can count on my own two hands but for now, let’s start with the fact that I got more inspiration and motivation out of those four days than I have in the last month.

For starters, of those four days, fourteen hours, yes, ten plus four hours, were spent in a car with children who were either sleeping or silent (read- eyes glued to media device). HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD! A GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENED HERE!  Translation – I had the equivalent of an entire day alone in thought with almost zero distractions (well, I mean, other than the other cars on the road, but they totally got out of my way in time. . .).

“Danger, Danger Will Robinson!”  An abundance of self-appointed wisdom is about to spill forth, brace yourself.  This was amazing, precious, coveted straight up think time/power brainstorming session. And brainstorm I did. Oh the blogs to come. Can’t hardly wait.

Let’s close here with a good solid “namaste,” then go ahead and move onto the next post, NINJA POWER which explores how I learned, courtesy of my sister’s husband, that while I have significantly improved in my ability to let go, I am, apparently, NOT a Ninja. Damn. Such a dream crusher, that man.


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