Nose, up. Foot, tapping. Smirk, timed appropriately to coincide with head tilt and shake. Camera out, photo evidence taken of current status of superiority, inferiority, personal masterpiece, or total train wreck. Got that image in mind all nice and clear? Face recognizable perhaps? Possibly. . .  super, super, super familiar with that profile? Yes. I’m … Continue reading NEVER SAY NEVER

(Smile) Like You Mean It

Attention Webster’s, we have a new “bad” word up for review. Please update your definition accordingly; file it under synonyms for “nonsense” and also under discourse related to “I’m sorry.” This word has recently been banned from my house; well, at least from the standard set of replies held within the vocabulary range of my … Continue reading (Smile) Like You Mean It


Some Mondays I wake up and I think “uuuunnnnhhhh. Yeah. Bring it Monday. Whatcha got? I’m ready to handle it. Show me your best stuff, I so got this” (see here for evidence of this clarity of thought).  Some days, I uh, don’t. This week, my Monday was one of the latter. One of those … Continue reading CAN YOU FEEL MY SUNSHINE

WISHIN’ and HOPIN’: 35 by 35

Disclaimer- I totally stole this idea from another blog- it was too brilliant not to repeat. Permission to perpetuate the concept in your own life. So what's the deal, exactly? Well, I took a standard, run of the mill "somewhere over the rainbow" docket of hopes and dreams,  fed it a solid diet of creativity, … Continue reading WISHIN’ and HOPIN’: 35 by 35

FOOLED YOU: 33 Things I was Totally Wrong About

I turned 33 this last fall, an event I labeled as “33 in 2013,” which means, obviously, that this is my 34th year of rockin’ it on planet Earth. In reflecting back on my life (I seem to do that in mass quantities, as of late), I realized that a whole lot of the things … Continue reading FOOLED YOU: 33 Things I was Totally Wrong About


“The whole magic of a plot requires that somebody be impeded from getting something over with.” - Renata Adler, Speedboat Okay, I admit that I’m struggling a little bit with the concept that it is 2014, and I am still wrapping my head around the gratitude bubble of where I am right now. I just wrote … Continue reading PLOT TWISTS