Oh happy sigh. Happy, tired, sigh.

This past weekend I had the most lovely time with two of my dear girlfriends, women whom I’ve known since well before I knew who I was, and before any of us became mothers. We spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday traipsing around Union Square in San Francisco, one the GREATEST cities in the world (IMNSHO), enjoying every rainy minute of our much anticipated, much welcomed, and greatly appreciated escapade.

None of us being a person lacking in conversation or people skills, particulalrly parsimonious, nor inclined to spend the weekend parked in the hotel lounge complaining about the weather, we grabbed our umbrellas, purses, a cocktail (or two…ish) and hit the concrete jungle.  And let me tell you, time we did not waste and stationary we were not. We got our fun IN, no question.

We smiled ourselves into new wrinkle lines, laughed until it hurt, supported and encouraged each other as we discarded our stress, and took full advantage of every minute we had. Hell, we even exercised, uh, sort of. Like, if we compiled our cinematic documentation into a workout guide it would warrant a title such as “24 Hour Abs: The Girls Weekend Edition,” “Stretching: You and Your Wallet,” “Return to Me: How to Turn a Three Block Walk into Thirteen” or, my personal favorite, “Drinkilates: Protecting Your Core (And Your Vodka) In Crowded Spaces.”

Now in the eleven plus years we’ve known each other, we have taken trips together and with our families, spent many weekends in festive fun as a group and been out “on the town” en masse our fair share of times. But, while this was not our first trip, it was entirely different.

This trip, we let go.

We let go of planning. No agenda, no schedule, no timelines, reservations or “musts.” Just fun. Just open. Spontaneity as our drive and the Universe as our guide. We ate when we were hungry, drank when we we thirsty and went wherever the wind carried us. If the energy was off, we bounced. If the vibe was right, we stayed. Simple as that.

We let go of fear of the perception of us by others. We did what we wanted to do because we wanted to do it. We ate what we wanted to eat because we wanted to eat it. We wore what we wanted to wear because we liked it. We played dress up in H&M because we could (not because we should, mind you, because we COULD).

We let go of things we can’t control. We all have stress in our lives. We all have shit to deal with that we don’t know what to do about, yet. We each have big decisions to make that could weigh heavy on our hearts and could easily have overtaken the weekend. But instead, we shared them. We got them out and then let them go, choosing the mindset that time will provide wisdom and the universe will provide as it sees fit.

We let go of “later” and “before.” Our daily lives laid in wait across the bridge back in the land of reality and on the docket for Monday. Not that day. Not right then. We enjoyed the here and now, saw the beauty in the moment, were present in the present.

We let go of negative mindsets, attitudes or other querulous behavior. Sunday morning when I had the urge to jump out of bed and go running after just two hours of sleep I did. When the drizzle turned to a downpour 20 minutes in instead of pouting about it I ran into a CVS, smiled my way into a free plastic bag from the clerk to cover up my phone and spent the next hour pounding the pavement from the from one hilly end of peninsula to the other, grinning ear to ear and loving every soggy moment.  When I chose to view the experience as fun – it was.

We let go of expectations, of ourselves, of each other, of others of us. Yes, we have families depending on us. Yes, we have jobs requiring our dedication and devoted attention. Yes, there are more “productive” ways to spend a weekend in regards to those obligations. For this weekend, we followed a different guideline. A “you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself” decree. We took accountability for our own happiness, regardless of the actions of others. Instead of seeing things as we thought they “should” be, we simply saw them for what they were and appreciated them. We were open to letting happiness in, seeking nothing other than fun without allowing fear, worry or a scarcity mentality to rob us of joy in the moment.

Oh happy day.

Maybe it’s because we are in our thirties and we are finally reaching that point in our lives where we are able to own who we are. Maybe we are finally catching on to all those lessons the universe has been providing for us. Maybe it was just great timing. Maybe, in letting go we are finally able to receive that which we have so sought for so long and with such fortitude. Our strength is in our grace, our contentment found by surrender of the quest to hold life so tightly.

Whatever the case, it was awesome. I left feeling grounded, supported and confident in the reminder that wherever I’m headed, whatever destinations lie in wait, and regardless of the track changes that are coming, I know I’ve chosen the right people to bring on the journey.

To my friends, all of you, far and wide, those who were with me this weekend in person and those I carried in my heart, thanks for joining me on the ride.

girls weekend2

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