Can I get a “woot woot?”

How ’bout an “A……Men?”

A fist bump?

Yikes. Tough crowd.

Well, in any case, I’m doing a happy dance. A happy, happy, happy dance, because . . . I’m getting that much closer to accomplishing several of my 35×35 list items.  Like about eight(ish), actually, including sincere progress toward my goals to continue empowering people through my writing.

WHOO HOO! Yes, I did just give myself a high five. It just felt right. Whatever. Stop laughing. Keep reading.

Okay, so. . .

Jill Smokler, the author of a few amazeballs books on motherhood and the owner extrordanairre of one of my most FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE blogs as well, Scary Mommy, has just published my article on surving Single Parenthood on her site. It is the second article of mine she’s graciously posted and I couldn’t be more honored (or delighted) to join the amazing collection of articles and support found there. Seriously, the writers on this site are pretty badass broads (and gents; there are a few big papas bouncing around the pages also). Their honest and hilarious advice has gotten me through some dark days and inspired me to keep uh, inspiring others. It’s reciprocity, or some shit like that.

In any case, I couldn’t be more excited. Or honored. I’m exitored. No, honited. Okay, maybe that’s just not going to work. Um, I’m thrilled, delighted, and otherwise estatic about this moment.

Universe, you rock my world.

Oh, in case you like, want to read it or something, click here.

Sidenote- for full disclosure- I maybe, kind of, sort of don’t, at present, have every item on this list. Like, I really could benefit from some work on number 10. Sheesh. #epicfail. But hey, a girl can hope. 
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