Today I begin a new journey. Today is training day. Today, the road I’ve been on for the last eighteen months or so picks up some serious speed. To where it will lead- I’m not sure yet. The meandering path is straightening out a bit, temporarily, and I still can’t see past the next five steps or so, but I know for sure, without a doubt, it’s my path.

Today, I become a yoga teacher-in-training.

Ommmmmmmmmm. Namaste.

Seriously. Nam-uh-STAY Universe! I am so grateful for this opportunity. So incredibly humbled to share this experience with my peers, others in my yoga community who have found a home here.

How remarkable is it that I found my way to this place. Me- a born-and-raised country girl who spent the better part of her first three decades playing house, is in fact, actually an urban yogi at heart. Turns out you can’t hide from your truth, especially once you open your eyes.

Thank you to those that encouraged me to find it. Those that led me to get out of my comfort zone, and those who embraced me when I got here. Because of you, I’m ready to start paying it forward.

In this journey of self-actualization, growth, and learning to let go, yoga has been the one thing that ties all the lessons together. It’s where I find center in myself, both on and off the mat. The place where I learned that “if you bring your shit to yoga, your yoga practice is shit.” Translation- magnify your woes and they consume your life. Unload them, release them, replace them with light, and the light becomes your life.

Today, I get to learn how to share that practice with others. I get to do the one “job” I love the most- empower others to be the best version of themselves. I get to live my sentence. I get to be my word. How… amazing.

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