So, as part of this journey I’m on, I reconsidering a lot of things. A lot of career related things, as it turns out. One of them, in particular, is how I might start making more of my life include making some actual monetary gain from my love of fitness, rather than the contiued emptying of my wallet.

Know what I mean, jelly bean?

Think you might be ready too? Check this out:


1. You talk about fitness. All the time. To everyone. Even to small children. And you speak at least one of the following “box talk, zen, runner, barbell, or mat.”

2. Everywhere you go, even on the rare and random occasion you’re not in workout clothes, people ask you “do you workout?” Wiser people ask the better question “WHERE do you workout?”

3. You plan your worklife around workouts rather than the other way around.

4. You watch YouTube videos on technique, for fun.

5. You recruit, heavily, everywhere, for new victims willing members of your fitness community.

6. 50% (or more) of your friends are from the gym, box, studio, or trail.

7. You have been hit up by a MLM sales rep at least three times becuase you are a “go-getter,” “so passionate,” and have “great people skills.” Also because you regretablly gave accurate contact information on that damn order form but that’s a different story.

8. You are fairly certain the cure for any ailment lies in exericse, water, nutritional rehab, and supplements, and will spend more than that a month than on rent, almost.

9. You demonstrate lifts, poses, stretches or techniques to random strangers, regardless of location (or your attire).

10. The “celebrities” in your life make very little money and provide amazing inspiration.

Ring a bell? Spark a fire? Give you some goosebumps or at least one guilty face emoticon moment? Well, maybe it’s a sign it’s time to do something different. It’s on you to decide what that something is, but you know, you know when you know. Be willing to discover.

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