“Mountains and forests and squirrels oh my!”

I just returned from a four day “yogation” in Yosemite National Forest with a group of ladies who, upon our early morning departure Thursday, other than one yoga pal I met in March were people upon who I had never before laid eyes, but by Sunday evening were friends.

Yes. I went into the forest, (like deep, deep, deeeeeeeep) into the forest, with a group of people I pretty much didn’t know. Oh, and no cell service either, eek.


No risk, no gain.

What can I say? I love people. I love adventure. I always say “yes” to new friends and fun; that’s just how I roll. And you know what? It always ends well. One way or another, I leave with a full heart, a bucket of lessons, and a joy that extends beyond me, through me, and out into the world. In the words of a friend of mine (yes, a new one. . . obviously) “people are awesome.”

He’s so right. People are awesome.

I had an amazing time. Uh-maze-ing. Not only were we in one of THE most beautiful places I have ever seen (seriously, if you have never been to Yosemite, get your ass there, stat. Un-fucking-believeable beauty), I was with people who shared so very much of their authentic (and fabulous) selves with me. It was unforgettably fantastic.

From the minute we struck out on the road we were in vacation mode. No itinerary. No agenda. No responsibilities. Just fun; matching sparkle swag hats included.

Like most experiences, the more flexible, relaxed, and open to change (#squirrel!!!!) we each were, the better the experience got.

Closed minds, rigid plans and selfish behavior limit growth. Fortunately, none of that baggage made it into our suitcases.  PHEW.

We laughed. We cried a little. We fell down, a lot (turns out there area few things that don’t mix well, like say, flip flops and wet granite, or rotting tree trunks, inner tubes and a cocktail in your water bottle. . .small details like that. . .).  We used the first aid kit, like, um, several times a day. But onward we went.

We practiced yoga in the forest on pine needles. We practiced yoga on a rock on top of the mountain. We did handstands in pajamas on top of the world as the sun set, and headstands in Yosemite Valley with Half Dome in the background.  We scaled hillsides and dipped under waterfalls. We never.stopped.moving. Hell, we even stopped on the way home to do a quick WOD on the side of the mountain, the turquoise blue waters of Bass Lake winking at us in the background.

It was lovely; just lovely.

I can’t wait for my next adventure. To meet the great people who find pace with me. To see the next grand sights. To receive what the universe throws my way. To climb the next mountain. To traverse the next landscape. To fall down laughing (or crying), again, and again, and yet again.

I can’t wait to say “HELL YES” to the next opportunity.

There’s a whole great big world waiting for you out there my friends; go get it.

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