So, remember my conversation about shifting my signal, inviting more into my life, and saying “HELL YES” more often? Hot damn. It is crackin’ up in here. CR-A-CK-ING. The ceiling can’t hold me. The roof is on fire. My hands are in the air. I’m jumping around. Pushing it. There is magic happening. I’m not … Continue reading MAGIC (AND PROOF THEREOF)


On the Sunday just prior to my “Fuck You Very Much Monday” epiphany I volunteered all morning and part of the afternoon at Sacramento Peace Day. It was awesome. It was also a little um, foggy, as I was, to be honest, totally experiencing Rangover. Yes, Rangover. Not hungover (surprise!). Rang-over. My eight hours of … Continue reading JUST SAY YES


Okay friends, family, followers, stalkers (just kidding, mostly), I am asking for your help. Yes, me, asking for help. Gulp. It's time to make my dream a reality and build my business into a sustainable empowerment machine. As you know, my daily directions include the following tasks: 1. Wake up 2. Be Awesome 3. Repeat Well, … Continue reading MONEY ON MY MIND


FUCK. Monday was just . . . exhausting.  A tornado. A hurricane of a day where I left the house at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t come home to stay for another 12 hours.  I was tired. I was cranky. I was sore from my (ridiculously fun) weekend running adventure, and generally, well, bitchy for most of … Continue reading MANIC MONDAY


So. Today. I um. I’m celebrating 2014. Oh. No, not the year. I mean, I have punctuality challenges, but I’m not that late for New Year’s Eve. Nope. Today is my 20-14 birthday. You know, 20, plus 14. Go ahead and roll your eyes. I know. It’s lame. And yep. I’m 34. This girl. Right … Continue reading YOU SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY?


So, I have  confession to make. Gulp. I’m not actually always that good at letting shit go. Like, um, I am. . . but . . . I’m also . . . not. I’m good at letting SOME things go. I’m good at not letting MOST things bother me. I can release hurt, anger, pain, … Continue reading GUTS OVER FEAR