Okay friends, family, followers, stalkers (just kidding, mostly),

I am asking for your help. Yes, me, asking for help. Gulp. It’s time to make my dream a reality and build my business into a sustainable empowerment machine.

As you know, my daily directions include the following tasks:

1. Wake up
2. Be Awesome
3. Repeat

Well, in regards to numero dos … I’m working on making things a little more, awesome. A bit more sparkle. A lot more love. I’d like to make this writing and helping people deal my full time gig. In order for me to to do so, to reach and teach others through my words, my time and my practice, I’ve got some dolla bills to raise, yo.

So, I’ve built the content foundation, grown my networks, designed a business framework (notice how I’m avoiding the word plan here? wink,wink), and um,  it’s now time to take the next (super money) step. Funding.


What does this mean for you? Well, it means, that if you like my stuff, and you would like to be a part of the momemtum with me, it would be the coolest thing ever if you’d dontate some funds to help me grow this little deal into, well, a BFD.

Wondering what will I do with all those greenbacks? Well, some things like this:

  1. Marketing and publication
  2. Curriculum and program development
  3. Content development
  4. Plan, promote and deliver workshops
  5. Community outreach
  6. A CTFD retreat to Costa Rica. Yup. Yoga. Beach. Goal Setting. Life Coaching. I mean, how can you NOT want to go?
  7. Trainings, so I can improve my skills to offer, uh, more skills/ideas/support to you all.
  8. My Seva Safari to Africa with the Africa Yoga Project in March
  9.  The intial phases of a Wellness Center. Care and strenghtening of the body, mind, spirit- I’m building my team now- care to join?
  10. Total.World.Domination. Duh

Interested? Maybe you could spend your $5 on my site instead of a latte today? $10 to help share the love while you eat a salad from home instead of the deli?  Or, if you’re really feeling frisky, $25 in lieu of a groupon massage? :-O

I’m offering contributors anything from good karma to yoga lessons to guidance sessions plus a big discount on the retreat. Help me, help you!

Thanks in advance for your support. You rock.

Oh yeah, click here to donate.

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