On the Sunday just prior to my “Fuck You Very Much Monday” epiphany I volunteered all morning and part of the afternoon at Sacramento Peace Day. It was awesome. It was also a little um, foggy, as I was, to be honest, totally experiencing Rangover. Yes, Rangover. Not hungover (surprise!). Rang-over.

My eight hours of service at Peace Day were preceded by a late night birthday celebration that Wednesday which was followed with a 13 hour work day Thursday beginning at oh dark thirty and then yet another Ragnar Relay (my fourth in twelve months time) Friday (again, in the dark, because that’s how you keep it real [slow]) through Saturday afternoon.

In a team of twelve we ran 205 miles for 36(ish) straight hours (in legs, not like, in one giant mass of endorphins) and kind of, sort of didn’t really ever sleep. Given all that, it would be safe to estimate that between Wednesday night and Sunday morning I got maybe… 16 hours of sleep. 16 hours, in four days. You do the math.

So… I was maybe a little out of it come Monday. Tad. Small amount.

What? Think that’s too much for one weekend?

I don’t. Obviously.

I just don’t like to say “no” to fun. I don’t want to give anything up; I prefer to grow bigger biceps instead so I can carry everything. In one hand. With my eyes closed.

It’s not overdoing it, though, it’s actually brilliant. Exhausting, at times, but genius.


Abundance mentality baby. Vibrations and signals to the universe. The law of attraction. Shit like that I used to make fun of and now realize is actually good science. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

The more fun I have, the more fun I have, and then the more fun, and the more fun, and so on. It’s a snowball, a big fluffy snowball of fun.

Good stuff.

So, speaking of learning to let the good times, um, roll,  while at Peace Day I was fortunate to get to practice this idea of letting go in order to in. I had the opportunity to make peace with some things in my life, some baggage, as it were,  in unique, creative and expressive ways. By taking the time to really consider what I might let go in order to grow, I was able to begin to shift the pulse of my life in order that it bring me more of what I seek and less of what I don’t.

It helped me reinforce my decision to move forward with a different attitude.

An attitude of “it’s already mine,” of completeness, of wholeness, of trusting the universe to provide, and in plenty.

If I think more of and in my life and my good fortune, the more splendor I will find. The more I say “yes” to things, the more will be offered to me.

Likewise, if I choose to focus on what I don’t have, what I might not get, what I might be missing out on, the less favor I will find placed in my path. The less fun. The more negative. The fewer the opportunities. The more I say “no,” the less will be available.

You with me so far? Think I’m full of ideology and lacking in practicality?

A few years ago I would have agreed with you. Now? Well, now I have a different story.

Me, being, well, me, tested it out, and it turns out, it’s legit shit. For real.

I’m serious.

Want to read about my “proof?” Read this post, then come right back here.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

You back?

Wheels spinning yet? Still not believing my cosmic bullshit? Let’s take this from me to you.

What miracles in your life are you overlooking?

Let’s start small, baby steps.

Think of someone great you know, a work contact, a friend,  maybe. How do you know them? Where did you meet them? Who introduced you? Where were you? What chance event may have caused that meeting? How has that meeting impacted your life positively? What would your life be like if you didn’t know them, if you hadn’t met?

Now call to mind something you have in your life that you value greatly. An experience. A thing. A memory. How did you get it, create it or recieve it? How did it come into your life, and why has it stayed? What makes it so different, so special, so worthy of your time and attention? Why do you want it so much?

Chilling to think about, isn’t it? Stay with me here.

Go deeper. Identify something you love to do in your life. How, when and why did you start doing it? What circumstances led you there? How did you discover it? When was it offered to you, and why did you accept?

While I don’t know your exact answer, my money is on taking a risk, following your heart and saying “yes” to something new. I would bet that you met that person because of another person, a chance meeting, a connection from a connection from a choice to go somewhere different than you had before.

Am I wrong?

Maybe. But maybe not.

One good thing leads to another. It’s not just song title, it’s the fucking truth. I’m so far along this amazing journey I can barely trace the path of how I got here.  It’s a story like this: “well I decided to try yoga and then I met so and so, who introduced me to this and that, where I met this person and then went to this place and while there I got to experience this mind blowing opportunity which led me to sign up for this training, where I met these amazing people, who helped me get started doing that thing which connected me to this person, who helped me get this job, who…” And on and on and on it goes.

The common thread? Saying “yes.” Being willing to follow a lead. Getting out of my comfort zone. Growing. Expanding my view, my horizons and my perspective. Letting it flow, like water, right into my lifestream.

When you signal to the universe that you’re ready for more it drops it on you, and hot. When you withdraw, it responds in kind.

Be careful, because you just might be asking for the wrong thing and not knowing it.

If you want more money, but you’re constantly living by scraping by and by cutting back, you’re actually putting out the energy of restraint, not plenty.

If you want more, then give more.

If you want more love, but you’re afraid to be vulnerable and get hurt then you’re saying to the universe- “thanks but no thanks.”

If you want passion, inspiration, appreciation and devotion, give it freely first.

The universe can smell your fear. It can hear your inner voice. It knows you. You.Can’t.Hide.

Time to shake that shit up, Taylor Swift style maybe.


It’s time to move out of the house of cards you’ve built and out into the light, exposed and ready to glow.

Well then. Consider my move official. The contents of this box I call my brain have shifted. There is no room for doubt. There is no vacancy for disquietude. There is not a space to hold “can’t.”

I know what I want, and I’m going to go get it.

This means that for a little while, I will take on more. For some time, I will say “yes” to as much as reasonably, safely, and humanly possible. I will see each chosen opportunity through, and discover where it leads before I decide whether or not to continue. I can bring my dreams into reality through positive action, not creating exit strategies.

It’s already working. I have had a new work opportunity land in my lap almost every single day for the last month. Seriously. Almost every.single.day.

My heart is bursting. My knees are a little weak. My mind? Blown.

Why is this working? Because I set my radar to “seeking,” and the universe is responding loud and clear. God is listening. He heard what I said, and he’s offering it to me.

Ask, and you shall receive.

As I continue to invite  more opportunity into my life, as I set and maintain my intention, as I am impeccable with my own word, to myself, then the world is my oyster, and damn if I don’t like oysters.

Go out. Say “yes.” Just do it. See what happens. Not sure where to start? Say this:

Universe, I’m ready to dance, start the music please.

Then get your ass on the dance floor and get jiggy with it.


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