Last week I got into a debate with a teammate of mine from kickball, over a beer, while watching the Giants in the last inning of the first game of the World Series. Yes. I’m an adult who plays kickball. No, I’m actually not very good at it. And also, no, I don’t care. Oh, … Continue reading YOU GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO HOLD ‘EM


Yay, it’s Friday. The beginning of my liver’s work week and the end of mine. Oh wait. No. Nope. Not true. I work every day. I also, however, make room to play, somehow. Lately, not enough, actually, but I’m fixing that again, stat. And, while the balance might not be what it was three months … Continue reading THE NEXT EPISODE

CTFD Christmas, anyone?

Okay, I'm gonna make this short and sweet, but here's the Down Low: THE FACTS 1- I'm ready to lead a CTFD retreat that will include: Two yoga practices a day (1 power vinyasa, 1 yin) One meditation session a day One daily excursion One daily group workshop with yours truly on purpose, vision, goal setting and … Continue reading CTFD Christmas, anyone?


Yesterday one of my most favorite yoga teachers looked at me, saw the large raw burns on my shoulder (from a homemade spaghetti sauce explosion this weekend), and jokingly said: “you are always getting injured. . . I’m sorry to laugh, but it’s kind of funny.” She’s right. I am. She’s also right that it’s … Continue reading HURTS SO GOOD


So, I’ve been going along here, full speed ahead. 13-15 hour work days almost seven days a week. Getting my shit done. Saying “yes” to everything. Saying “no” to very, very, very little. It’s been awesome. Amazing. Fan.Fucking.Tastic. Things like this have happened: My yoga classes are growing, some even doubling in size. My writing … Continue reading SOMETIMES I LISTEN