One of my yoga teachers wrote the other day,

“. . . Like attracts like, we attract what we are, not what we want. . . ”

I couldn’t agree more. And this EXACTLY why I’m letting go of what’s not serving me. This is exactly why I left the “safe” job. This is exactly why my life looks like it does right now.

I’m letting go, and letting in. And that could be scary as shit, if I thought of it that way, but I don’t.


But really, on a practical level, wondering how my quixotic idealism is working out so far?

Um. Awesome, actually.


Everything is connected.

You know the theory of six degrees of separation, right? How about two? Seriously. Reno might be the biggest little city in the world but Sacramento is the smallest big(ish) city in California.

No joke.

There is nowhere to hide here. But also, We are fam-il-y. Or something. I love it. One good turn deserves another, and one good person knows another, who knows another, who knows another. . .

Know one person in the fitness industry or yoga community? Know them all. Make one connection? Get ten more. So basically, finding work networks- not a problem. Like at all.

It’s kind of a ridiculously simple premise.

Basically, when I leave room in my schedule to make them (contacts), work shows up. When I’m occupied doing other things (like, say, things that are 30 miles away and not even remotely related to my purpose) it doesnt.

So rather than placing an ad in the “Missed Connections” section of the paper to locate said lost opportunties, I’m modifying my schedule. I’m making the effort, creating the space, and doing the work.

And every day— Every.Damn.Day. New work is finding me. Landing in my lap. Opportunities abound.

Which confirms my second point:

You are (I am) exactly where you’re (I’m) supposed to be.

This is so clearly my path.

Every part of it. The stable parts, the freak out moments, and especially the scary parts.

This is it— the place I’m supposed to be. Right here. Right now.

Reinforcement of this fact is everywhere I look. Everywhere.

Like, if my life were the movie I sincerely believe sometimes think it is, Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch would be bumping some “Good Vibrations” while I walked down a sidewalk lined with flashing arrows and signs labeled  “This Way!” “Open Now ” and “Enter Here.”

Stop laughing and get your mind out of the gutter.

You know what I mean.

I have not reached this moment by accident or luck. I’m here because of hard work, karma, good intentions, and because, quite frankly, I stopped caring.

Not about people or myself, obviously, but about what others thought of me.

I stopped listening to conventional “wisdom” and got in tune with my own intuition and energy.

I decided to let things play out with grace, not force. With faith, not fear. With my whole heart exposed, and not my head buried in the sand.

I’m in upward facing dog, dammit, and I’m looking right in front of me.

If even a sliver of doubt creeps into my mind about my decision, the universe throws down a sign, fast and clear, to knock that shit off and keep trusting.

Here’s an example, because I love examples, but also, because they do such a lovely job illustrating the point.

A friend of mine said to me this past weekend- “so. . .  you’re telling me you quit a job without having a new job or income to replace it?”

Um. Yeah. Kinda. But not. But yes. Well, actually, I quit a job a 8:30 a.m. on a Tuesday and replaced it with three new yoga classes a week and two writing jobs by the end of that same day so. . . . yes, I did but, it’s not like it was a long wait.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m dead fucking serious. Talk about immediate returns. Pretty amazing, dontcha think?

So, dear universe, thank you. Thank you for providing. Thank you for reminding me to trust. Thank you for showing me how to live the life I love.

And you, dear reader, by the way, thanks for reading. Thank you for your words of inspiration back at me. Thank you for reminding me why I’m doing this. Thanks for helping me live the life I love.

Namaste (Bitches).

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