So, here we are,  more than a third of the way done with winter, Mercury back in retrograde, and 2015 about to cross an entire month off its books already.

#holydrasticchanges batman, it’s been quite a month.

For real.

And it just keeps getting better. And bigger. And faster. And. . .  just. . . amazing. It’s been amazing.

Also, exhausting. Funny how those two things seem to come as a set, isn’t it? But it’s so worth it; so, so, so very worth it.

Because the more effort I put out, the greater my return on investment. The bigger the risks, the more satisfactory the gains.

I’ve been putting a whole lot of positive energy out, and I’m receiving a bucketloads of fully charged ions right back.

Really.  I am beyond amazed at what enormous good has come my way this month. The outpouring of support from my friends as well as the Sacramento Area and Yoga communities is tremendous. Outstanding. Downright dazzling.

I cannot reiterate enough that when you are clear about what you want, when your intentions are true, when you choose to acknowledge and claim that which is yours to have, and then take positive action toward it, shit starts moving, and fast. Real fast.

Take today, for example. I started my day doing yoga with my AYP-partner-in-crime in a local news studio. . .


You know, no big deal, I totally do that every week.

Wait. Nope. No I don’t.

Actually, I never do that. Nor does that come directly before a second news appearance this week or following a full week of press coverage in local publications and blogs.

Um. Yeah.

This is not been your average January. Like at all.

Things are coming together like they never have before, ever. The more certain areas fall apart, the more exposed my faults become, the more I take ownership of my own shit, and have the courage to do something about it, no explanations, rationalizations or half assed investment, the better the patch kit that arrives in the mail.

For the last five months, in addition to doing the 101 things I seem to do these days, I’ve been pouring my heart, soul, and bank account into this project.

I empty, and then I fill again.

People, and places, and things, and opportunities, they just keep showing up, because, well, because this is it.  That proverbial time? It’s now. That whole living your dream bit? Well I’m definitely awake, and I’m pretty damn sure that’s happening.

This is the beginning of the rest of my story.

Watch the video clip. See my smile? It’s genuine.

See the way my eyes get all sparkly? That’s authentic inspiration.

Hear me talk about what we’re doing in Africa with such certainty? It’s because I know it’s right, and true, and good.

That shirt I wore on the show— it says “live with passion”— and I chose it because of the message it sends. This thing I’m doing, this thing WE are doing, this is my passion. My purpose. This is me, being the best version of me. Full of light and sunshine, heart bursting with happy, giddy with excitement because I get to do what I love.

I get to empower people, with people, and I get to share my practice to do it.

I could not be more honored to be a part of this project.

My friends and readers making contributions directly to my fund, I’m carrying you with me in my heart all the way to Africa and back. Attendees of a A’Frican Event, especially those friends who are coming for no reason other than to stand at my side, I couldn’t be more delighted to see your name on the list.

Contributors, sponsors, and volunteers for the event, you’re A-Frican-Mazing.  Those who have helped us get published, noticed, seen, heard or otherwise shouted our message from the rooftops— you fucking ROCK.

My promise to you is that I’ll keep it moving, I’ll keep paying it forward, again, and again and then again.

This beautiful circuit will remain unbroken. I’ll keep putting energy in. You keep bouncing it back.

It’s a game of Ping pong. You ready?

Good stuff.


Your turn.


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Africa, Yoga, & Women Making Bold Moves

Holy wow. Isn’t the universe just grand? Check out this blog, and all of Tracy’s amazing work, here.


There is a place where my soul feels at rest. Where my heart beats in a gentle rhythm and my feet are steady.

There is a time when I feel alive from my head to my toes. When I know I’m living my purpose. When I am my most authentic self.

There is a place where my hips sway to a pulse known only to me. Where my mind wanders in and out with the waves. Where my eyes shine with the sun.

There is a time when I am grounded and simple. When I am full. When I am easy. When everything just works.

There is a place without struggle. Without fear. Without worry. Without barriers. Where I can feel. A place where I can see.

There is a time when there is only love, and light, and happiness. Where there is song, and dance, and celebration, of living.

There is a place that sparks a change. That grows the will of ten thousand men and the strength of a million. There is a place that inspires a new existence.

There is a time that is right. Opportunities are abundant. Thanks are offered. Praise given freely. When I just know. When I just, do.

There is a place. There is a time.

This is that place. That time is now.

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It’s Friday, the weekend is about to start and I’m wondering— what are you holding onto from your week?

Someone make you upset at work on Monday morning and you’re still brooding over it?   Didn’t hear back from a friend and wondering what’s up?  Waiting desperately for that hot guy from yoga to ask you out while you simultaneously ignore all advances from anyone who’s categorically “not your type?”

Unwilling to quit your job because you don’t have a new one lined up yet? Staying with your partner because you don’t have a “better” option? Wistfully browsing zillow looking for a new place but still haven’t put your house on the market?

Knock it off

Why are you still holding on to that shit? Let it go. It’s over. Done. In the past, keep it there. Drop it (yes, like it’s hot) and move out, soldier.

Staying immersed in something we don’t want instead of something we do leaves zero opportunity for anything new to enter our lives. You simply cannot expect to receive without first giving.

In the game of life, the universe asks you to play the first card.

The law of attraction shows that we bring in that which we put forth. A scarcity mentality gets a pocket full o’ nothing, while a mindset of abundance offers us wealth beyond forecast.  Why place restrictions on your life when you could live limitlessly?

When we continue to give our thoughts, time and energy to something that is draining, as opposed to filling our metaphorical buckets, we thereby restrict rather than expand our potential.

Likewise, the more attached we are to an idea of how something is going to go, work, look or be, the greater the fall is when it fails to meet our expectations.

Holding on offers chains, not wings, boxes not ladders, and canyons without bridges.

You have a choice in every opportunity— take action, or let go.

If you want that guy to ask you out then let him know it. If he doesn’t call, let him go.

If you want to get to the next rung on the ladder, let go of the one below it.

If you want to see what the next step is on the path, lift your feet off the current stone.

If you want new, let go of old.

Let go my friends.

Just let go.

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Don’t wait.  Change now. Get out of your comfort zone. Wake up and move differently. Create awareness. Be mindful. Live fully. Seize the moment. Grow. Get up and go for it. New Year, New You. . .

Yep, it’s still January alright, and as the nearest cardio room would indicate, we, as a general community, are spending this month rededicating ourselves to, well, ourselves.

It’s awesome. I love seeing the yoga studio packed with students doing 30 day challenges. I think it’s fantastic that gym memberships are spiking and I totally support my friends doing a no-sugar January.

People are trying to find a new normal, create new habits, build better selves.

For now, that’s happening. But what about come February? Super Bowl Sunday? Dia de Godiva chocolate and red wine? A long weekend snuggled up near the Baileys fire in a cabin in the snow?

What happens when life challenges our intentions?

We compromise, negotiate, and usually, we fall right off the (delusional) train we rode in on. We get knocked down, not becuase it’s too hard, but because we stepped so far out to the right that we simply could not maintain balance any longer.

That’s good, it’s how we learn. The problem is, not all of us get back up on that. . . treadmill. Sometimes we just stay off out of fear of further injury.

How to avoid that classic pitfall? Set yourself up for success. Reset your equillibrium. Learn how to find a happy, and sustainable, medium.

balancing act: a how to

1. Where you at fool?

Take a quick look at your current reality. Pull your head out (of the sand silly. . .). What’s going down in your world, right now? How do you feel about that?

2. Get grounded: What do you want? When do you want it? 

What do you know to be real, and true and good about yourself and your world? Consider: a) where you are, b) where you’d like to be, and c) what’s standing in the space in between those two places.

3. Gather Your Resources and Prepare to Engage.

What’s your ETA? What props would you like to to use to arrive in a timely fashion? What do you already have on hand to help you get there? What could you rid yourself of? What would be helpful for you to do, go or get? Pick up the phone, open up your browser, hit send on an e-mail and ask for it.

4. Sound the Battle Cry and Move Your Ass.

Take positive action, now. You will never make progress without action. Do something, anything, that propels you even one centimeter closer to your destination. If you are not willing to risk falling, then you are not ready to grow. Do it. Do it now.

5. Now Flow.

Move gracefully and with care. Don’t be the bull in the china shop, be a fucking ninja. Breathe. Do one thing  at a time. Notice your surroundings.  Be present, but keep moving. Two steps forward, one step back. Cha, cha, cha-cha-cha.

6. Check for Understanding (and Authenticity).

At the end of your day, and before you say “yes” to anything else, check in with yourself. Do your actions match your intentions? Does the opportunity come with wings, or a chain? Are you holding too much, or not enough?

7. Pat Yourself (And a Friend) On the Back.

Prefer knuckles instead? Selfie high five perhaps? Namaste? Go for it. Positive thoughts and intentions generate positive results. Acknowledge what you have done, the progress you have made, the problems you solved, the new space you’ve created. Focus on growth to expand. See good to create great. Give validation to receive love.

8. Just Keep Swimming.

You’ll get there Dory, if you just keep pushing on. Ride the current every now and then as it assists you, but stay out dark caves and stop following bright shiny lights. Focused movement, regardless of the pace.

9. Keep It Tight and Light.

Three things help you hold balancing poses— driste (your gaze), a tight core, and a strong foundation. Um, guess what? Same thing applies here. Keep looking ahead, hold true to who you are, and build up your support. We cannot balance for long on just our big toes; if you fall, and you will, shake it off, feel your feet planted firmly on the ground, press down to lift up, and then rise tall again.


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Wow. So January is off to kickass, rockin’ good start so far.

But um, holy time commitments batman; according to my calendar, I have about 30 free minutes in the month of January, 15 in February, and potentially five, give or take a phone call, in March.

Wowie wow wow.

I love it. It’s good. I work well like this. For the most part anyway.

In any case, it’s safe to say that my time is rather. . . limited these days. I am thrilled to have a positively absurd amount of work to complete, but I also have several projects in progress, a household to maintain, kids to not totally fuck up raise, a body to keep alive and healthy, a mind not to lose, a practice to maintain, people to see, places to go, etc., etc. . .

It’s quite a load for one person (even for one who likes carrying heavy things. . .). I’m juggling a constantly shifting schedule and making compromises with my time at every turn of the big hand of the clock. My feet, and my head, never stop running. Like ever.

People often ask me “how do you do it all?” “Aren’t you tired?” And often, just, well, “why?”

The short answers are, of course- “Are we ever really ‘done’?”  “Obviously. And your point is?” And “why NOT?”

Really. Why not?

The alternative, returning to an uninspired existence and limiting myself, is hardly appealing. Now that I’ve tasted this flavor of vitality I don’t want to go back to plain old tap water.

Calendars are meant to be filled. Life is meant to be lived. Couches are meant to be. . . dusted occasionally?

Kidding about that last part. Mostly. Rest is essential, and should be scheduled in just like anything else. Being present when at rest is in an of itself an act, and it’s good for you to be still for some time, so I hear anyway.

However, finding the balance is difficult. Inactivity drains momentum, but too much movement and you’ll find yourself on the couch anyway, having exhausted your resources and energy.

And so rather than staying on the seesaw for the ride, sometimes we just jump off and watch it sway. Instead of risking failure, we do nothing. And you know what happens when we do that? Nothing. Nothing happens, at least not with us.

The answer is not to do nothing, the answer is to move in a new way.

You want different results? Then honey, you get to do something different. Rather than continue to sit on your ass, complaining about how you don’t like your life, close the tab out on your personal pity party, stand up, take a big breath, and throw on your big kid pants.

It’s go time; choose a speed.

It’s your journey friends, but you’re not making it alone. Remember, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your ability to publicize it. . . I mean, no, um, it’s is your attitude. Have a good one then, would you?

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