So, here we are,  more than a third of the way done with winter, Mercury back in retrograde, and 2015 about to cross an entire month off its books already.

#holydrasticchanges batman, it’s been quite a month.

For real.

And it just keeps getting better. And bigger. And faster. And. . .  just. . . amazing. It’s been amazing.

Also, exhausting. Funny how those two things seem to come as a set, isn’t it? But it’s so worth it; so, so, so very worth it.

Because the more effort I put out, the greater my return on investment. The bigger the risks, the more satisfactory the gains.

I’ve been putting a whole lot of positive energy out, and I’m receiving a bucketloads of fully charged ions right back.

Really.  I am beyond amazed at what enormous good has come my way this month. The outpouring of support from my friends as well as the Sacramento Area and Yoga communities is tremendous. Outstanding. Downright dazzling.

I cannot reiterate enough that when you are clear about what you want, when your intentions are true, when you choose to acknowledge and claim that which is yours to have, and then take positive action toward it, shit starts moving, and fast. Real fast.

Take today, for example. I started my day doing yoga with my AYP-partner-in-crime in a local news studio. . .


You know, no big deal, I totally do that every week.

Wait. Nope. No I don’t.

Actually, I never do that. Nor does that come directly before a second news appearance this week or following a full week of press coverage in local publications and blogs.

Um. Yeah.

This is not been your average January. Like at all.

Things are coming together like they never have before, ever. The more certain areas fall apart, the more exposed my faults become, the more I take ownership of my own shit, and have the courage to do something about it, no explanations, rationalizations or half assed investment, the better the patch kit that arrives in the mail.

For the last five months, in addition to doing the 101 things I seem to do these days, I’ve been pouring my heart, soul, and bank account into this project.

I empty, and then I fill again.

People, and places, and things, and opportunities, they just keep showing up, because, well, because this is it.  That proverbial time? It’s now. That whole living your dream bit? Well I’m definitely awake, and I’m pretty damn sure that’s happening.

This is the beginning of the rest of my story.

Watch the video clip. See my smile? It’s genuine.

See the way my eyes get all sparkly? That’s authentic inspiration.

Hear me talk about what we’re doing in Africa with such certainty? It’s because I know it’s right, and true, and good.

That shirt I wore on the show— it says “live with passion”— and I chose it because of the message it sends. This thing I’m doing, this thing WE are doing, this is my passion. My purpose. This is me, being the best version of me. Full of light and sunshine, heart bursting with happy, giddy with excitement because I get to do what I love.

I get to empower people, with people, and I get to share my practice to do it.

I could not be more honored to be a part of this project.

My friends and readers making contributions directly to my fund, I’m carrying you with me in my heart all the way to Africa and back. Attendees of a A’Frican Event, especially those friends who are coming for no reason other than to stand at my side, I couldn’t be more delighted to see your name on the list.

Contributors, sponsors, and volunteers for the event, you’re A-Frican-Mazing.  Those who have helped us get published, noticed, seen, heard or otherwise shouted our message from the rooftops— you fucking ROCK.

My promise to you is that I’ll keep it moving, I’ll keep paying it forward, again, and again and then again.

This beautiful circuit will remain unbroken. I’ll keep putting energy in. You keep bouncing it back.

It’s a game of Ping pong. You ready?

Good stuff.


Your turn.


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10 thoughts on “BURNING GOLD

  1. Duncan says:

    Your passion breaks up all kinds of knotted energy (kinda like yoga… duh). How could it/you not invite, inspire, evoke, invoke more of the same. Pay it forward, pay it around, pay it now. Keep kickin’ butt Michelle.

  2. Duncan says:

    I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed but I haven’t seen you post anything yet and now I’m nervous about asking. Did Saturday give you what you wanted? (And no, I’m not asking whether you got what the universe decided you needed. The universe seems to have a perverse sense of humor that I only sometimes appreciate.)

    • ctfdmama says:

      Post on way, had a 12 hour teaching day Monday and a ridiculous day today. Haven’t had a minute to write since. EEK. Event was great, we still have funds to raise, but we had a lovely lovely time.

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