Guess who’s back, back again?

Bonus points if you can spout the next lines. Super bonus points if you can name that artist. Super super bonus points if you can change the lyrics to match my story. . .

I’ll give you a hint for the theme,

It’s pretty fucking happy.

I’m back from Africa and I’m kind of, sort of, mostly, positively BEAMING with joy and light, even through the jet lag and the rather abrupt re-entry into western civilization. I am all lit up inside. Inspired. Motivated. Clear. Determined. Grateful. Humble. Willing.

There now exist two new significant time periods in my life- before Africa, and after.

Life was pretty amazing before I left. After? After Africa, well, I think I have a new definition of amazing, because now it’s kind of, um, amazingER.

The incredible people, the united force of willing energy, the gentle and playful inspiration generated by authentic experiences, and the omnipresence of hearts and souls on fire, living their purpose, collectively created a transformation that leaves a mark in the timeline of our histories.

Things will never be the same.

They’ll be better.

And for everyone.


The work we did created a ripple effect. The beacon of light we brought and shared was catching; it’s spreading, like a wildfire, from our hearts and minds out into the world.

Consider this- when I am full, I have more to offer to others. The impact I can make is greater than when I am stuck within the walls of my own egocentric reality.

However, rather than viewing this fullness as something that can be contained, and thereby quantified and limited, instead, see it as a perhaps as cellular growth. The more I split and share with others, the more I too will expand and regenerate-

I give one and grow two more in its place.

Now consider that this is true for each and every person on the seva safari. Not just the 14 teachers, not only the 21 teachers-in-training, not only the organizations with whom we worked closely, not limited to the students of the schools where we worked, but everyone whose lives were and are impacted as a result of our interactions.

Each of us got a little bigger and a little brighter. In turn, we share that light with others, who share it with others, who share it with someone else. And on it goes.

Or rather, on it grows.

I’m not saying yoga is going to change the world (but it might). I’m not saying this ten day trip broke barriers and changed life as we know it (but it might have).

I’m not saying everyone had the same experience as I did, or that every single one of the people we met even remembers us this week (but they might).

What I am saying though, is that it’s the start of something big.

This yoga thing- it’s growing. This internal happiness gig, it’s changing lives. This confidence building, it’s real.

We are making a difference. Together. Empowered. Strong. Ready.

We will be back in South Africa, and soon. We planted a seed, made some big decisions and commitments and laid the foundation for change. From here, we grow.

Care to join us? Best take a look at your calendar, next Spring is looking rather. . . African right now.

In sum, to throw out another (dated) pop culture reference;

I’ll be back.

Will you?

IMG_0574 (1)

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  1. Duncan says:

    Welcome back Shady… er, Michelle. I’m so glad for you and for all the folks you touch, there and here, and I know those ripples will be like magic.

    Michelle’s back, tell a friend… and they’ll tell another and then they’ll tell another.

    I can’t compete with Eminem but I’m going to give it a shot. 🙂

  2. Duncan says:

    Never mind. I think I’d have to be drinking in order to make the writing fun and I’ve got my son tonight. 🙂

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