All week last week I was feeling anxious. Unstill. Struggling to stay in the moment, any moment. I let my classes out early. I rushed everywhere and was still late. I wore a watch, and checked it, even during yoga, which I left. . . early. Twice.  I checked the time even when assisting. I … Continue reading BE HERE NOW


“You like living in chaos,” I was informed recently. “I do not!” I replied immediately (and indignantly).” I like routines and structure. For some things. Sometimes. For a few parts of my life. Well hmmm.” “I just like flexibility and the ability to be spontaneous. And change. I really like change. I don’t like predictability. … Continue reading SONGS OF CHAOS (I LIKE IT).


I saw a picture of myself the other day, unfiltered. I didn’t like it at first glance. I looked, well, different than the me I remembered, or at least, the me I wanted to remember. I saw something unalike than the athlete who was exercising two to three times daily, and something that varied from … Continue reading TALKING BODY


So, last week I gave something up (anger) to let something in (love). It was awesome. It is awesome still. I feel good, very good, about where I’m at. I’m full. I’m happy. Motivated. Making progress. Redefining my life, again. I’m enjoying my freedom and expansion. I like this space I’m in right now. However, … Continue reading LOVE ME HARDER