So this morning I woke up, checked my e-mail, and ever-so-casually helped share this collaborative article about body image with the world 

No big deal.

It’s just me, dancing in my underwear, on the internet. . . with four of the most amazing women EVER.

Really. Like EVER.

Our point, well, as we have collectively shared, is:

“It’s not about getting attention. Or being “brave.” Or pitting one against another. It’s about us all being comfortable in our own skin.. . ”

“We need to stop putting ourselves and others down. We are all beautiful. Embrace yourself and empower all bodies!”

It’s becuase we are “saying all the hard things out loud because some of us are not brave enough to. . .”

It’s because we “. . .stripped down to talk body image and self-esteem. It’s honest/unapologetic,” and we like it that way.

So yes, that’s me in my Wonder Woman underwear, on the internet. Yep. True story. Read it. Then you’ll understand.


This. This is how we walk our talk. This is how we love our bodies. This is how we show each other, and our children, that every BODY is different, and beautiful. This is how we ‪#‎EmpowerAllBodies‬.

My girls at @girlsonthegrid- you.are.amazing

And people, everywhere, from every corner of the planet, to the moon and back, you are too.


Just. Amazing.

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    • ctfdmama says:

      Well, that wasn’t our point. Actually, it had very little to do with that at all. Our point was that all shapes, all sizes, all kinds of bodies are beautiful. A healthy body starts from the inside and works its way to the outside; there is no perfect exterior. There is happiness in loving the shell you have, appreciating what it does for you, what it represents, what lessons and tools it offers you, and a profound power in seeing the beauty in others, clothes or no clothes. There is no singular ideal body, so love, honor and celebrate the one you’ve got. That was our point.

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