A story not shared is simply a myth- let’s make it a story that generates real change. I challenge you- post an image of your beautiful (untouched, non-photoshopped) self, include #EmpowerAllBodies, and the link to the article (http://www.girlsonthegrid.com/empower-all-bodies/).

I'm Calming The F#ck Down

So this morning I woke up, checked my e-mail, and ever-so-casually helped share this collaborative article about body image with the world 

No big deal.

It’s just me, dancing in my underwear, on the internet. . . with four of the most amazing women EVER.

Really. Like EVER.

Our point, well, as we have collectively shared, is:

“It’s not about getting attention. Or being “brave.” Or pitting one against another. It’s about us all being comfortable in our own skin.. . ”

“We need to stop putting ourselves and others down. We are all beautiful. Embrace yourself and empower all bodies!”

It’s becuase we are “saying all the hard things out loud because some of us are not brave enough to. . .”

It’s because we “. . .stripped down to talk body image and self-esteem. It’s honest/unapologetic,” and we like it that way.

So yes, that’s me in my Wonder Woman…

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