I have had a pretty inspiring 30 days. I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended three trainings in three different cities and a full day TEDx experience right here, front row, in my own city.

I’ve been working with a few clients on their personal growth, and creating content about the brain and change management with some others.  I’ve been reading a lot, spending time with some of the brightest, most insightful, most inspired and inspiring people I’ve ever met.

Basically, I’ve spent the last thirty or so days dedicated to filling my brain up endorphins, positive thoughts, and setting goals and intentions. Continue reading



So I’m on a(nother) trip this weekend, at a(nother) training, getting (even more) connected to myself, my thoughts, my actions, my habits, and who I really am.

 I just can’t get enough of this shit— it’s awesome.

The topic of this conference, in keeping with my summer tour-de-self vibe,  is “Getting To Know Yourself: The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Sounds kinda like the theme of my life story. Hell, it sounds like the theme of pretty much anyone’s life story. Well, anyone who’s willing to do the work anyway.

Because not everyone is willing. Not everyone wants to grow and change, and not everyone wants you to either, actually. Continue reading


This is a story of day where everything went wrong and still turned up roses. A story about not complaining. A story of making pivots, being present, and of going with the flow.

This, is a lesson about going left. Yes, left, as in, instead of right. As in:

In life, when things don’t go right, turn left.  

Continue reading


I spent this last weekend in Austin, Texas at the first of seven weekends for yet another Yoga Teacher Training.

Yes, seven.

Yes, Texas.

Yes, I do still live in Sacramento. . . California.

Details. . .

And, per usual, I learned lots of great lessons on my trip. Things like when making life complicated in one area (say, flying more than halfway across the country seven times in seven months…) perhaps, one should try to keep everything else simple. Continue reading


Let’s talk about space baby, Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things. And the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about space.

Yeah Like this. Salt n’ peppa style. Baby.

S p a c e

Kidding. But not.  

The last two weeks I have been playing with the concept of space, noticing where I create it in my life and what shows up as a result.

Here’s a hint— good shit. That’s what.

Real real good shit.

Remember the whole bit about quantum physics? About abundance mentality, and about how the energy you put out there is the energy you get back? Oh, and you know, that whole thing about living authentically and letting go, You know, so like, the whole theme of this blog. . .

Well, let’s break that down in a new way, for funsies, and because it’s Friday and Friday and fun are my second and third favorite “F” words. Also because I like over-explaining things.

Anyhow. . . consider, what does letting go look like in life, exactly? What does setting intentions and inviting energy feel like? What does an authentic presence require to show up?

Space. It requires space.

Because, to point out the (painfully) obvious, if every corner of our hearts, minds and time are occupied with something, be that a plan, an expectation, an attachment, a task, or whatever we’ve placed there, how can we expect to receive anything else? We’re at max capacity, no vacancy, all filled up, no room on the lot to add on, no place to expand.

Unless, of course, we make some room. Gently, organically and from a grounded response, we let go, grow, and create a platform ready to receive a new delivery from the universe.

This means then, that if you want something new then honey, it’s time to drop what you’re holding like it’s hot. Let go of the banana, release the pickles in the jar, put on your big girl panties (wonder woman anyone. . .?) and suck it the fuck up.

You’re going to be okay, I promise. Better than okay, actually. Amazing. You’re going to be even more amazing.

How do I know? I’m living in it, this space and abundance shit. I’m right smack dab in the middle of developing an awareness of my capacity to create and live the life I love. It’s blowing my damn mind.


It works like this: When I fill my head and heart space with things I don’t really want, when my calendar primarily reflects items that I don’t genuinely want to do, see as a chore or distraction, or are there out of guilt, obligation, fear or pressure, when I cling tightly to the WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE. . .

Well, let’s just say I’m not particularly bright and shiny then, and neither is my life.

However. . . When I take a hot minute to myself, breathe, reflect, remove the things that don’t serve me, drop my expectations, say no thank you to things that aren’t aligned with my values, goals or purpose, and say yes to what is, and above all,

When I set an intention and believe it is already mine with my whole heart and soul and then simply pleasantly wait for it,

It shows the fuck up.

Every time. Pretty much right away. Because, as another analogy, intention setting is like setting a place at the table, creating a cozy atmosphere for your guests, and then waiting for them to arrive, drink in hand, food prepared, music playing, smile on.

If you build it, they will come, right?

Yes. Right. It IS right. They WILL come.

But they can’t get there if you haven’t turned the “open” sign on yet.

So, go make the space. Build your thing. Say “no” so you can say “yes.” Wipe your plate clean so you can visit the life buffet and create your own ideal meal. You can. I believe in you. The universe believes in you. You, YOU believe in you.

Go get it.

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