I spent this last weekend in Austin, Texas at the first of seven weekends for yet another Yoga Teacher Training.

Yes, seven.

Yes, Texas.

Yes, I do still live in Sacramento. . . California.

Details. . .

And, per usual, I learned lots of great lessons on my trip. Things like when making life complicated in one area (say, flying more than halfway across the country seven times in seven months…) perhaps, one should try to keep everything else simple.

Such as, um, not, (running irresponsibly late and) taking an uber to the train station to take a train to the subway to get on a different subway to get to the airport to ride on the the airport tram to the terminal to take a plane to another airport to take another plane to another airport to take an uber to my accommodations.

Maybe not that.


Yeah. That really happened.  And, in keeping with the frenetic energy I was projecting, when I went to leave the painters had taped me into my flat . . . For real. They had to cut me out of my own doorway.

Having a good time imagining this? I am. It was funny as shit. Later. When I got on the train (with two minutes to spare), and found the beverage car.

Sigh. Lessons. I’m learning them. Stubbornly. But with a sense of humor. So. It’s cool. Or whatever.

Lucky for me, other than my weekly life lesson on how to CTFD (again, and some more), I also learned some pretty interesting things about how else I’m showing up for myself and others.


There is just so much that arises on the mat that parallels my reality; yoga truly is a mirror for life.


That crazy way of getting to Austin? That’s so me. SO. Michelle. What’s the deal with that, exactly? Like, how is that actually serving me? Or is it?

I’m not sure yet, but it is clear that this Live Your Yoga Training is offering me a platform to find the answers. I have begun shedding my old self, asking questions, probing, exploring, and sitting in thought and observation.

Although not an exclusive list, some things I’m looking forward to exploring include:

  1. What is it about single tasking that makes me feel so . . . inadequate? Why do I think just doing one thing is not enough? What do I want to change about this thought pattern, if anything?
  2. In what areas of my life am I not standing fully in my own power? Why? What possibility lies on the other side of that fear?
  3. What am I still holding onto or trying to control? Why? What emotional need is being met in my holding onto that attachment and perception, and how else can I address it?
  4. How can I soften more fully, lead with more love, and get more present?
  5. I’ve gone running full force away from my old life, including away from some relationships. What parts of that former self, especially the people, is it time to bring back, but with balance?
It’s no coincidence that the program teaches us the Journey Into Power Sequence, because that’s exactly what it is— a path of self discovery and empowerment.


When I left for Austin last Thursday I said to my roommate, “I’ll see you on the other side.”  And I will. Some other version of me will emerge at the end of this path, just before I continue down another, and on it will go, each time beginning again.

So, here we are, friends. Giddy-up.

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