So I’m on a(nother) trip this weekend, at a(nother) training, getting (even more) connected to myself, my thoughts, my actions, my habits, and who I really am.

 I just can’t get enough of this shit— it’s awesome.

The topic of this conference, in keeping with my summer tour-de-self vibe,  is “Getting To Know Yourself: The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Sounds kinda like the theme of my life story. Hell, it sounds like the theme of pretty much anyone’s life story. Well, anyone who’s willing to do the work anyway.

Because not everyone is willing. Not everyone wants to grow and change, and not everyone wants you to either, actually.

As our speaker pointed out, when you start on the journey of personal growth and you start changing, not everyone wants to come along for the ride. You might outgrow people. They might start getting uncomfortable being around you, the new you (which is really the old you that has finally arrived), and bail.

Let them go, so you can grow.

The people you want to be around for long haul are the ones who will support you in every version, especially the best version, of yourself.

Speaking of best, what I have found most intriguing at this training is the concept of innate intelligence, and how we increase our expression of life by releasing Innate.

Innate Intelligence, while technically a chiropractic term, basically means that living things contain an inherent, inborn force through which we organize, maintain and heal. It corresponds with the premise or principle of “the power that creates the body heals the body.”

In sum- everything you need to reach your highest potential already exists inside you.

That’s pretty fucking cool, isn’t it? I mean, wow, talk about an all-in-one tool. This means that you, right there, reading this, you are the creator of your own destiny. You are in charge of your thoughts, your vision, and your behavior. The only person standing in between you and everything you’ve ever wanted is. . .


How you tap into that, however, is on you. It might be yoga, chiropractic, seminars, journaling, coaching, or just plain old life experience that comes around and smacks you in the back of the head or sends you reeling on your ass. It might be failures, big ones.

The bottom line— you can’t get there without time and effort.

There is no easy way, there is just a way.

Are you going to choose to do the work? Are you willing to risk finding out who your real friends are? Are you willing to see and acknowledge the light that exists inside yourself and let it out to shine? Are you willing to see what’s on the other side of fear?

Are you ready to hear what your innate intelligence has to say today?

I know I am. Care to join me? Just say yes.


P.S.- Want to follow my travel adventures? Find me on IG- @dinosaursinmypurse and see my #fangstagram fun as I explore, eat, play, and learn.

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