There’s something so beautiful about talking things out with friends. Such an authentic person can arise in that safe space. So much truth comes out when we offer ourselves permission to be vulnerable.

It’s amazing. And powerful. Transformative, really, if we choose it to be.

That happened to me this weekend, while talking to a friend. She’s one of those humans I just get. Energetically, we match. I understand her, even though we are newer friends. That happens often in adulthood, I’m realizing. We attract people into our lives that match our vibe, and our tribe, so long as we are clear about who and what that is, anyway. Continue reading



You know how sometimes you think you’ve learned a lesson, and then you roll along all normal-like, thinking you’ve finally rid yourself of said undesirable behavior and then. . . BOOM.

There it is again.

Right there. In your face. All.Over.Again.

Yes, so like real life. Cycles of inquiry, layers of un-peeling, incremental growth and owning your shit. That’s my meditation revelation. Continue reading


Thursday, July 9, 2015. Things on my mind today:

  • The answer to how, is yes.
  • Come from you are ready now.
  • Give up what you must
  • So what?
  • Shut up and listen.

Yes, all of those things, and yes, they are all related, promise. And yes, I’m stuck in my headspace. Like, super stuck. Like, overanalyzing, overthinking, overobessing the details stuck.

What am I doing? With whom am I doing it? Where am I going? Who’s going with me? What do I want? What DON’T I want? Where the fuck am I? Continue reading