That’s silly, you can’t ask for what you want,” my son said last week.

I pulled over, stopped the car, turned around and looked him dead in the eye. “Oh no buddy. You can absolutely ask for what you want. In fact, if you don’t, you’re unlikely to ever get it.”

This led to a brief discussion about intentions, clarity, and wants versus needs, goals versus expectations, and the point that we weren’t exactly talking material things here.  He kind of got it. Mostly though, it was a self check about what I am personally drawing into my line of view, and my world.

Then, early this week, I had a lovely sunrise chat with my daughter while paddleboarding about energy, manifestation, and again, being clear, VERY clear, about what you want, trusting that it will come to you, and then getting present and aware.

She was digging it.

I had a few examples to offer. Okay. Well, actually, more than a few examples. I had lot of content from which to draw, because, to be perfectly honest, pretty much every single time I ask, I receive.


I mean, no, I haven’t won the lottery, donated half to The Africa Yoga Project and moved to Bali, yet, but. . . it can happen.

Again, yes, really.

Because, what you think about, you bring about. It’s like real actual magic. Here’s the trend I’ve noticed works:

  1. Decide what you want. Get very specific. Make a vision board, or a list.
  2. Tell people about it. Speak your desires. They mean very little until that moment; there is power in the sharing.
  3. Bring it into your mental line of vision. See it as yours. As happening. As already done.
  4. Let go of your attachment to how it shows up. Do the work that will help you to create space in your heart and mind for something new. You cannot, I repeat, can NOT, hold, see, or get something different if you refuse to surrender. Let go, and make space.
  5. Take positive action as you continue to draw in the kind of energy you want more of in your life. Want to be happier? Laugh more. Want to be loved? Love more. Want to be successful? Help someone else create and celebrate theirs. Continue to invite in more of what you want, again, and again, and again.
  6. Wait and watch. It’s coming. I promise.

Words of caution— this is a whole new level of metacognition (thinking about your thinking). Be careful you don’t invite skepticism, fear, doubt and a scarcity mentality to the manifestation party. When you focus on not having something, on what if you don’t get it, don’t win, don’t succeed etc…, then that’s exactly what you’ll attract, so be purposeful in your thoughts.

Choose it. Proclaim it.  See it. Own it. Open. Do. Receive.

Your life is yours to create. Your canvas awaits; start painting.

*Authors Note- Want to read more about this kind of thing, and play around with some experiments in energy? Read E Squared by Pam Grout. It will blow your fucking MIND. 

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