Last week I was talking with a friend about my hairstylist, and not 60 seconds later her assistant called me to remind me of my upcoming appointment.

Just a few weeks prior I was sitting and chatting with my team about an industry acquaintance and within five minutes he walked around the corner and sat down with us. This has actually happened three times with the same group of people and a different acquaintance or friend.

I was sitting in the traffic with my kids talking about the effects of sugar in the body, and the Maroon 5 song by that very name came on within 10 seconds.

In July I made a declaration to the universe that I loved being an independent contractor, and for the sake of financial stability, I wanted at least one of my media clients to put me on a monthly retainer. I walked into a meeting two days later and was offered the exact amount I had stated, without ever having asked, not even once.

So, just to clear things up, I am not hanging out with magicians, witches or sorcerers (at least not that I’m aware of anyway. . .).  I am, though, spending time with people who are interested in the same thing as me — 


You, are energy. I, am energy. Your thoughts, are energy. Everything, everywhere, is energy.

I am not the first, second, or five thousandth person to write about this. I am, however, gaining an entirely new understanding of exactly what that means, and how that shows up in my life.

Those things above showed up because I invited them into my space. I asked for it, without attachment, without judgment, without expectation, and will full permission to exist.

I made the r.s.v.p. a YES as soon as I thought it.

Let me offer some counter examples.

Last week, I also let two of my greatest “teachers” get to me. By teachers, I mean people that have lessons to offer me through their challenging presence and actions with, for and to me. I got angry, judgy and irritable. Fast.

I chose to let them affect my space by agreeing to let them in it.

I contacted someone with whom I still have energetic ties, and it took exactly one exchange for a tidal wave of feelings to hit me, hard. Just one “to,” and one “from,” and I was emotionally (albeit just briefly) back in a head and heart-space I’d thought I’d finally given up for good. I hadn’t, and in my action,

I gave those emotions permission to re-emerge as new, stuck, energy.

So. Now, let’s go back to my magical friends. Because: 1) they are actually rather magical, and I like magical things, 2) they have an uncanny ability to see me, and draw out a question or answer that’s been sitting on the ledge waiting to jump out and #holla, and 3) they just fucking get it.

In conversation with one said fairy friend, I posed the question,

Well, if we can manifest and invite in some things, like a friend calling, or a note, or a job, or … a penny, why can’t we manifest everything then? Why, for example, when we really want that guy to call, or that job to be offered, or that “thing” to be ours, is it sometimes . . . not?”

She offered a pretty great response (see # two, below), as did Danielle LaPorte earlier that week.  My first thought, of course, was that the intent behind the emotion, that perhaps, per usual, we are the ones getting in the way of our own manifestation.

Here’s where I landed, for now, on why sometimes manifestation works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  

1. Our thoughts, beliefs and actions don’t match. We want one thing, but we actually we believe another, and this is the energy we broadcast.
2. Hope is futurecasting. Hope is different than intent, and it is different than want, and it is a hell of a lot different than positive action. Hoping for something puts in constantly into future tense. As in not the present. As in not gonna happen now. As in, if we keeping “hoping” for it, it’s probably never going to, since we are essentially telling the universe to “hold please.”   
3. Everything that SHE said. Especially #1; that whole free will thing…

So, now I ask you,

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MANIFEST?  Stop, stopping yourself from getting it. Read up. Get clear. Start creating.

Ask for what you want, just don’t forget to r.s.v.p.

Is it coming?


*Sidenote- this is a super click-y post. Not cliquey, because you can totally #SitWithMe, but click-y as in there are lots of hyperlinks. I did that not just because I love turquoise and wanted excuses to use it, nor because I love sending you down a virtual rabbit hole; ain’t nobody got time for that. I included them because they are WORTH FUCKING READING. So like, open up a few more tabs on your browser, give yourself permission to read for five more minutes, sign up to read Danielle’s posts too, and then send me #AllTheThanks when you’re done.

**Photo credit @kryniki13

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