Charter schools, ten year old cars, overdue bills, a bustling life in the middle of the city, a network of personal and professional contacts that extends across nearly every state and a few continents, a daily yoga practice, a partner that both humbles and ignites me, writing as a profession and not just therapy, allowing my body to have curvy parts, and a commitment to the constant redefinition of self — these are all things I never believed would be mine.

Miracles. My life has been nothing short of a series of miracles since birth, and it’s only these last three years or so that I understood that.

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I caught myself in a pattern last week.

It’s a very familiar pattern, I’ve been creating and doing it for a long time. It’s so familiar to me actually, I’m even going to give it a name — 




Yes. That’s it. That’s the one. #nailedit.


My go-to strategy for managing my chaos, is to first make the mess bigger.


When I get overwhelmed, have too many projects going on, have agreed to too many things, double booked myself for events or appointments, gotten started on a big idea, or even just, like, walked into the kitchen to make lunches, is to throw whatever I’m actually doing on the wait list, and. . . Continue reading


As I write this, it’s now after 10pm. I’m up, working on work projects, sitting on the couch next to my boyfriend while he works on his work projects. In between, in the pause, we’re sipping wine and working on OUR project.

It’s late.

We’re tired.

And happy.

This is becoming a regular thing, the up late and working together bit. We’re building some great things, here, together, in this new space we’ve created. Some really great things, actually.

We’re taking our mutual interests and skillsets to good use, and growing something bigger than each of us. We’re making our own baby. Continue reading