As I write this, it’s now after 10pm. I’m up, working on work projects, sitting on the couch next to my boyfriend while he works on his work projects. In between, in the pause, we’re sipping wine and working on OUR project.

It’s late.

We’re tired.

And happy.

This is becoming a regular thing, the up late and working together bit. We’re building some great things, here, together, in this new space we’ve created. Some really great things, actually.

We’re taking our mutual interests and skillsets to good use, and growing something bigger than each of us. We’re making our own baby.

And, the progeny of our collective inspiration reflects its parents, quite directly. It’s big. It’s clear. It’s powerful. It’s in constant motion. And, it doesn’t ever, ever, ever, fit in a neat little box with a bow on top.

That’s not how I roll. That’s not how he rolls. That’s just simply, not how we DO, US.

We do real. We do authentic. We do wild. And that, exactly, that, is what we’re building. Space and support for people to do their thing, in their way, in their time, and with intention.




We’re teaching people to move from their core. Their center. True north. To align thoughts, beliefs, desires, and actions into one cohesive and forward motion.  


We want to help you, to do YOU. Whoever that is.


Because, if you’re not doing you, then who the fuck are you doing?

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