So, do you like, think that thinking positive things changes your like, energy? And that negative energy changes it too? Like, does it really matter? Do your thoughts actually change your. . . reality?



This was about three-quarters of the way through a really great conversation about energy, science, the law of attraction, about responding and not reacting, and why positive thinking matters. Because it does. It changes everything.  And so does negative thinking.

When things are running smoothly it’s easy to stay positive, life is good, and noticing and admitting that comes naturally. But when things get. . . messy, tense, uncomfortable, painful, and awkward, well, you know how it goes—

Alexander and his Terrible Day, Episode VII.

The negative thought pattern is swift, and we can go from a place of light to one that is very, very, very dark in just a half a breath. But, of course, and also, you can choose to turn that light switch back on whenever you want.

You’re controlling the electrical panel of your life, and you can choose which fuse to flip, and when.

Here’s an example, from the same day.

We took a work field trip into San Francisco; a whole day as a staff to visit various eateries and learn about their business and products together. It was going to be a fun experience, for certain. I dropped the kids off at school and checked my email briefly. Up first— a note from my landlord wherein he cursed at me and made the fact that he’s neglected repairs on my home for 14 months suddenly… not his problem.

I was immediately angered, defeated, and felt cornered. My stomach dropped, my heartbeat increased, my jaw clenched, my brow furrowed and I allowed myself to ride that thought train all the way to the office. By the time I got in the car with my team I was nearly in tears.  

And then I chose a different path.

I chose to see the situation for what it was, and nothing more. I chose not to give it the energy of the past, nor the energy of the future. I chose to e-mail my attorney later in the week to allow a professional to handle it rather than  attach myself to an energetic vacuum.

I chose to let it go, breathe, smile, and move forward into the present moment in the light.

This is one of many potential rainstorms that happen all day long. There are things waiting to rain on our parade everywhere, if we let them.  You have a choice, in every experience in how to respond and just how dark and gloomy you let your space become.

My suggestion for working through this is to not resist. Feel what you feel, experience what you experience. Observe what’s happening, and get clear about the actual things happening right now, sans extra labels and predicted outcomes.  Zoom out, see the forest, notice the trees, and light up a path back into it.

The choice and the work turn on the light will always be yours, will you make it?

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