It’s been quiet on this front. I know.

This time, it’s not because I was in a dark spot. It’s not because I was so tired and sick. Or so overwhelmed. Or so confused. I was all of those things, for a little bit, again, but that isn’t why I’ve been silent so many days.  

2015 was such a big year for me. Actually, 2013-2015 were HUGE. Epically, life altering, never-gonna-be-the-same kind of years. So much YES, so much change, so much love, so much joy, so much trial, so much failure, so many restarts. After that kind of action, it makes sense that a cycle of stillness and settling would follow.

It was like the part of meditation where your brain is finally quiet enough that you can stop and look around and see what’s floating around in there with you. When the noise is off, when the dust has settled, when the pause comes, then you can step back and examine the picture you’ve been so busily crafting.

I saw that pieces had been completed. Essential pieces. The big ones. The corners. That elusive middle one too. I tried to jam a few fragments of the wrong puzzle in here and there, but they didn’t fit. they felt the wrong kind of uncomfortable. The sinking feeling in your gut kind.

Like the sharp noise of two different vibrations colliding, the things that didn’t belong to and for me made their pointed remarks.

I listened. And I thought about what makes me the best me. And I chose to get rid of the things that don’t. So I’ve been sitting on that, pondering how to put it into words, wondering how to ask the Universe for some very specific things.

I waited to write until I was sure that what I ask for this time is authentic and clear.

When you ask for something specific, you get it. Specific does not mean narrow. It does not mean only one way. It means a definitive result earned on an open-ended route. You can choose what, but you don’t really get to choose how.

When you ask for something vague, or without conviction, or without the intention and energy behind the ask, you’re requesting ambiguity and trials. And trials will get you there, eventually, because trials lead to endings, and endings lead to beginnings. But this, is not a trial. This is my life, and I’m choosing what to invite into it, on purpose, and with intention.

So here it is, my request. Here is what I am asking for, for me, for my family, for our world.

  1. To share yoga. In many ways. With many people. In many places. I am passing the knowledge and practice of my teachers into the hearts and bodies of others so that together we may all grow and heal.

  2. To share my words and my stories. In many ways. With many people. In many places. I am speaking my truths, acknowledging my journeys, and spreading my laughter, and my love, and my thoughts, and my passion, and my direct calls to action with the hearts and minds of others so that together we may all grow and heal.

  3. To be of service. In many ways. With many people. In many places. My work means something that exists beyond me.

  4. To be a mother. To my children. To your children. To their children. To you. To the earth. In many ways. With many people. In many places. I am love and peace and caring.

  5. To empower others to be the best version of themselves. In many ways. With many people. In many places. I facilitate growth by creating experiences. I help voices be heard, people be seen, and power and grace realized. I am a catalyst for change.

To manifest that, the space and energy I create looks like this:

A flexible schedule. Multiple projects, clients, students, and roles at a time. A daily balance of work, rest, and play. Daily movement, meditation, yoga, real food, and sleep. Device-free family time. Daily writing. Daily reading. Connecting to nature. Travel.

Passion projects. Work that excites me. Publication. Valuing my own work. Setting boundaries. Working with teams of like-minded people. Clear communication. Acts of service. Teaching.

Synergy. Laughter. Affirmation. Positive words, thoughts, and images. Listening, presence, and mindful parenting. Saying yes to me.

Partnership. Physical and emotional connection. Friendship. Community. Inquiry and learning. Reflection. Leading with love. Doing the work. Trust, faith, and a willing heart.

Without those things, there is no space for my request to exist.  Just exactly like when trying to find the right partner, the things you are thinking and doing and being affect the things you will receive, and see, and choose.

Get specific. Create the space. Manifest the shit out of your life. You can. I can. We, can.

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