I absolutely adore Mondays. Yes. Me. I love them. They’re my favorite. Better than Friday even. Mondays are my vibe day. My creative day. My wear yoga clothes all day, day, my big hearty breakfast day, my work from home in my beautiful office, seated in my cushy turquoise chair, sunlight streaming in the window … Continue reading ALL I (GOTTA) DO IS ZOOMA ZOOM ZOOM


This week is Spring Break. Oh Goody. Yippee Skippee. Or something. While I may have a week’s reprieve from being Professor Talksalot, I got 99 problems and a lecture ain’t one. In fact, my Spring Break 2014 could use a new name: current contenders include: “TWD” (Total World Domination) “SHAWD,” (Super Handlin’ All Wheel Drive, … Continue reading WORK B#TCH

WISHIN’ and HOPIN’: 35 by 35

Disclaimer- I totally stole this idea from another blog- it was too brilliant not to repeat. Permission to perpetuate the concept in your own life. So what's the deal, exactly? Well, I took a standard, run of the mill "somewhere over the rainbow" docket of hopes and dreams,  fed it a solid diet of creativity, … Continue reading WISHIN’ and HOPIN’: 35 by 35