The dark presence of my embodied guilt following me into every room, sitting with me in my chair and gently tapping my shoulder to remind me — “not finished, not finished, not finished.”


You know how sometimes you think you’ve learned a lesson, and then you roll along all normal-like, thinking you’ve finally rid yourself of said undesirable behavior and then. . . BOOM. There it is again. Right there. In your face. All.Over.Again. Yes, so like real life. Cycles of inquiry, layers of un-peeling, incremental growth and … Continue reading LOVE YOU LIKE I DO


I spent this last weekend in Austin, Texas at the first of seven weekends for yet another Yoga Teacher Training. Yes, seven. Yes, Texas. Yes, I do still live in Sacramento. . . California. Details. . . And, per usual, I learned lots of great lessons on my trip. Things like when making life complicated in … Continue reading I WOKE UP LIKE THIS


So this morning I woke up, checked my e-mail, and ever-so-casually helped share this collaborative article about body image with the world  No big deal. It's just me, dancing in my underwear, on the internet. . . with four of the most amazing women EVER. Really. Like EVER. Our point, well, as we have collectively shared, is: … Continue reading DANCING IN MY UNDERWEAR.


Okay friends, family, followers, stalkers (just kidding, mostly), I am asking for your help. Yes, me, asking for help. Gulp. It's time to make my dream a reality and build my business into a sustainable empowerment machine. As you know, my daily directions include the following tasks: 1. Wake up 2. Be Awesome 3. Repeat Well, … Continue reading MONEY ON MY MIND


This week I finished up the Spring semester at both colleges at which I am lucky enough to get to share my knowledge about reading strategies, the fine science of navigating the maze that is a college textbook, English vocabulary, and, well, life in general. It has been my pleasure and privilege to facilitate the … Continue reading DOIN’ IT RIGHT


In case you didn’t notice, it’s almost commercial holiday season again. Oh boy.I went into CVS yesterday and saw the shelves laden with heart shaped merchandise (taaaaacccckkkkkyyyy) and enough pink and red crap to decorate the walls of a Victoria’s Secret superstore. To this rosy scene I had a threefold (and rather visceral, I may … Continue reading I CRY


Nose, up. Foot, tapping. Smirk, timed appropriately to coincide with head tilt and shake. Camera out, photo evidence taken of current status of superiority, inferiority, personal masterpiece, or total train wreck. Got that image in mind all nice and clear? Face recognizable perhaps? Possibly. . .  super, super, super familiar with that profile? Yes. I’m … Continue reading NEVER SAY NEVER

(Smile) Like You Mean It

Attention Webster’s, we have a new “bad” word up for review. Please update your definition accordingly; file it under synonyms for “nonsense” and also under discourse related to “I’m sorry.” This word has recently been banned from my house; well, at least from the standard set of replies held within the vocabulary range of my … Continue reading (Smile) Like You Mean It

FOOLED YOU: 33 Things I was Totally Wrong About

I turned 33 this last fall, an event I labeled as “33 in 2013,” which means, obviously, that this is my 34th year of rockin’ it on planet Earth. In reflecting back on my life (I seem to do that in mass quantities, as of late), I realized that a whole lot of the things … Continue reading FOOLED YOU: 33 Things I was Totally Wrong About