Tis the season. Yep. Uh huh. Sure is. THE season. The season of. . . what, exactly? To many, it’s the season of miles, points and Benjamins, all provided in abundance courtesy of guilt trip airlines, passive aggressive combat at the dinner table, and mastercard (December’s BFF- it’s everywhere you want to be). How. . … Continue reading ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS


A good friend of mine made up an acronym, ROB. He dropped it on me earlier this week, for good reason, and it gave me a little pause. He was right, I was. In fact, I’m so good at ROB one might think it was my full time job. People should pay me for that … Continue reading RATIONALIZING YOUR OWN BULLSHIT


Experience has taught me that more gratitude I show to others, the happier I, and as a result, others around me, become. Joy spreads joy; the more I give the more I get. Being grateful is a component of mindfulness that generates a shift in mindset; it's like flipping the"optimism" button on inside your brain. … Continue reading GRATITUDE