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Snicker. Notice that I don’t spew profanities, I articulate them properly, like a fucking lady.  Then click on any of the the titles in the main navigation bar at the top of the page for information on things like retreats, blogs, a discussion board (coming soon) and shit like that.

Oh, still wondering what CTFD is?

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Navigating life is like climbing uphill with a full set of baggage, in flip flops. It’s a constant adjustment, trying to figure out what you can leave on the side of the road, what you can give to others, what can be condensed together into one bag, and how to carry them all in a way that is the most comfortable and weighs you down the least.

This doesn’t have to be a struggle, and it certainly doesn’t have to be done alone. Living well is an active, daily practice of mindfulness and creating positive, optimistic and resilient attitudes, habits, and beliefs. It is finding the happy place that is the mesh of what you want, what is happening and where you are actually are. This perception and practice is what I affectionately call learning to Calm The Fuck Down (CTFD).

CTFD- short, funny, and. . . rather blunt.  Conceptually simple, yet difficult to actually put into practice. It is not a method, per se, but rather a mindset that allows you to maximize your potential by learning to focus your energy and thoughts on the right things.

It is in the spirit of the pursuit of a mindful and balanced perspective lifestyle and mindset, despite the obstacles thrown my way, that this site is dedicated. May you find good laughs, good friends, and a little inspiration as I share notes from my own (messy) trek up the hill.

**The term CTFD is not proprietary to me, and in fact, I first stumbled upon it when reading about a parenting a method by David Vienna, whose hilarious advice and musings I enjoy. Click here to read more. **

14 thoughts on “WTF is CTFD?

  1. Paige says:

    Hi Michelle! I stumbled on your blog and can’t help but wonder if I met you 18 years ago in Etna, CA. Ever been to Etna? Maybe once were a counselor for an outdoor school group of 12-13 year olds? One of which you actually wrote handwritten letters to for awhile? It’s a shot in the dark, but doesn’t hurt in asking, I figured. Your smile looks familiar and the name is the same!

      • Paige says:

        That just makes my day!!! I love your blog!! I’m pretty sure I still have handwritten letters from you tucked away in a box somewhere. How fun to find this site of yours!

  2. Maresy says:

    I came across your page when reading your how to guide on dating single mamas and have been hooked since this morning. That was so beautifully well written!!! You are an amazing well spoken, inspiring, full of spunk and just a beautiful soul inside and out. It’s comforting to know other women are going through the exact same thing. Keep on doing you!! looking forward to so much more from you I have learned so much already!

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