Sometimes I could use a good laugh to get out of a funk, shed some humor on a situation or just get some happy energy flowing. Here are some clips  guaranteed to help you get your chuckle on, stat. Well, okay, not like a money back guarantee or anything but. . . seriously, if you don’t at least snicker then I think it’s fair to say we probably are not destined to be friends. There ya’ go, full disclosure, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Parenting Humor

I QUIT!!!– so been there. Fabulous

Swagger Wagon– Minivan humor.

The Parent Rap– rap+ parenting= hilarity

The Mom Life Rap– awesomeness

The Dad Life Rap– you know, to be fair.

Mom Life– British Style

What Does the Kid Say?– Seriously, be quiet already.

Daddy Skills- This should be part of the “Family Life” program for adolescents (so. . . anyone under the age of 25).


100 Greatest Action Movie Lines “Shit just got real.”  Seriously awesome, if this doesn’t make you want to talk to people just so you can use one of these lines you might have a problem.

Anchorman Top Ten Best Quotes– “I’m Kind of A Big Deal”

Anchorman Cast Sings “Afternoon Delight”– what’s not to love?

Love Actually 2 Trailer– where are they now?

Katniss Everdeen Kills Everything– a little gross but mostly just funny.

The Hungover Games– Gotta say, Funny or Die makes pretty good stuff.


FIX IT!– Saturday Night Live skit. Watch when something is BROKEN, and you just want to FIX IT! FIX IT!

Pete’s Schweddy Balls. I have to watch this every Christmas. Have to. Follow up is, of course . . . this

Chris Farley: Motivational Speaker . “I live in a van, down by the RIVER”

Musical Parodies

Christmas Text– a little holiday ridicule

What Does 2013 Say?– Fabulous remix

Look at this Instagram– amazingly hysterical parody set to Nickleback

What Does The Farmer Say?– Another solid parody, this time to Ylvis

Late Night Television

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake: History of Rap  1 and 2– Does this even need an explanation?

Jimmy Fallon #parentfail– He does the hashtag deal every week, this one is is for anyone who is a parent or has a parent, so…. everyone, actually.

Louis CK and Smart Phones– Comedic genius Louis CK totally puts it on Conan and the audience. Awesome stuff.

Human Behavior

Trust Fall Fail– So, so, so funny. And so, so, so true. #lifemetaphors

It’s Not About The Nail– True story. Men and women just communicate differently.

Shit Yogis Say– There’s a whole series of these, they are all pretty awesome but this one. . .well, this one hits home.

If Adults Had Temper Tantrums- oh my how fun would this be.

Exercise/Workout Humor

Prancercise– warning- may cause you to fall over laughing, please sit down before viewing.

Yoga Girl– om gonna watch this on repeat.

CrossFit Fails– pee before watching.


Ship My Pants– most hilarious kmart commercial ever.

This list will keep growing, check back regularly for new posts

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