Plans. Timelines. Spreadsheets. Google Calendar. Ah, my happy place. It’s so lovely living in the boxes of my curated life. So clean. So tidy. So cozy, predictable, and safe. Bullshit. I call bullshit on that whole deal. You hear me?  Bull.Shit. You know what plans really are? A crapshoot. A coping mechanism. Our brain’s way … Continue reading STORY OF MY LIFE


Funny thing happened last week, I got another check in the mail.  Oh, no, not for cash. No. From reality. Again.Thanks for that universe.There’s a yoga axiom, “Exercise and REST are essential for human health” that’s been screaming my name for a bit. In fact when I first saw it my initial response was “see, … Continue reading GRAVITY


Have you ever observed a spinning top? It leans one way, and then another until it slows and topples. Notice that it never simply spins in the middle, centered, perfectly balanced in all directions.Let’s take a look at that little metaphor of life, shall we?How many things are you doing right now? How many jobs, … Continue reading HEY THERE, YOU’RE AN ALLSTAR


Oops, I did it again. Yes, that was a Brittany reference. No, I'm not sorry. Want to read this AWESOME story? Click here: elephant has it now. Namaste.


Feeling a little pissed off? Ability to hide your crazy taking a steep and rapid descent? Having a mini-meltdown, in the middle of the grocery store, on a Monday night? On a scale of stockbroker to stay-at-home mom, how stressed are you feeling?  INDICATORS YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOSE YOUR SHIT 1. Your shoulders are making … Continue reading WHERE IS MY MIND


“Mountains and forests and squirrels oh my!” I just returned from a four day “yogation” in Yosemite National Forest with a group of ladies who, upon our early morning departure Thursday, other than one yoga pal I met in March were people upon who I had never before laid eyes, but by Sunday evening were … Continue reading A GREAT BIG WORLD