Yesterday, Sunday, I found out that my son had his first cub scouts meeting on Wednesday. Like, five days ago Wednesday. And I just found out about it. FUCK. Now, I know I’m busy, and I sometimes forget things, like, say, my own lunch, but I don’t forget shit like my son’s first cub scout meeting. … Continue reading MAMA DON’T (SHARE)


The last two weeks I’ve experienced a concerning amount (for me) of self doubt. Second guessing. Re-considering. Feeling. . . slightly inadequate. Unwanted, maybe. I haven’t felt like this all the time, just for moments in between all the awesome that continues to happen all around, within (and in spite of?) me. But also, more than just an … Continue reading NO (MORE) DOUBT


Yesterday one of my most favorite yoga teachers looked at me, saw the large raw burns on my shoulder (from a homemade spaghetti sauce explosion this weekend), and jokingly said: “you are always getting injured. . . I’m sorry to laugh, but it’s kind of funny.” She’s right. I am. She’s also right that it’s … Continue reading HURTS SO GOOD