FIFTH CHAKRA: Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra. The right to speak.



I want to talk to you about this time I felt stuck. Really stuck. Really down. Really not myself. Depressed. I would actually classify this thing that happened, that I’m coming out of, as depressed. And that is scary as fuck. I have lots of reasons why it might have happened. Significant health issues, insomnia, … Continue reading THE SOUND OF SILENCE


Don't wait.  Change now. Get out of your comfort zone. Wake up and move differently. Create awareness. Be mindful. Live fully. Seize the moment. Grow. Get up and go for it. New Year, New You. . . Yep, it's still January alright, and as the nearest cardio room would indicate, we, as a general community, … Continue reading SIDEWAYS


Okay people. We are almost there. Final push. Four more days of 2014 remaining. You’ve made it through several rounds of dysfunctional family fun, successfully lived to see another December 26th begin and end, and probably (just guessing) already made and broke several promises to detox, eat clean, and go for a run tomorrow. Congrats. You’re … Continue reading FRIDAY


So, I’ve been going along here, full speed ahead. 13-15 hour work days almost seven days a week. Getting my shit done. Saying “yes” to everything. Saying “no” to very, very, very little. It’s been awesome. Amazing. Fan.Fucking.Tastic. Things like this have happened: My yoga classes are growing, some even doubling in size. My writing … Continue reading SOMETIMES I LISTEN


Plans. Timelines. Spreadsheets. Google Calendar. Ah, my happy place. It’s so lovely living in the boxes of my curated life. So clean. So tidy. So cozy, predictable, and safe. Bullshit. I call bullshit on that whole deal. You hear me?  Bull.Shit. You know what plans really are? A crapshoot. A coping mechanism. Our brain’s way … Continue reading STORY OF MY LIFE


Change. Get used to it.  This post can now be found here. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/07/baby-got-back-falling-in-love-with-my-new-body-michelle-sweezey/ Happy Happy Joy Joy! Like this post? Post it, tweet it, pin it, google it, trip on it, or otherwise spread the social love people.Really, really, like it? Subscribe to my feed and get posts delivered in your inbox.      Can’t get … Continue reading BABY GOT BACK


“Oooooh. Shiny. Prettttttttty. I like it. I think I might want to have it”Who: me What: An opportunity, a big, rather unexpected one that’s kind of right up my alley, so to speak. More specifically, the chance to bring many things back into my life that I left behind a year ago- stability, consistency, a regular … Continue reading ALL THAT GLITTERS


Today I begin a new journey. Today is training day. Today, the road I’ve been on for the last eighteen months or so picks up some serious speed. To where it will lead- I’m not sure yet. The meandering path is straightening out a bit, temporarily, and I still can’t see past the next five … Continue reading BEST DAY OF MY LIFE


“I can’t do this.”“I’m too tired.”“I don’t want to.”“I don’t have time.”“I’m just not in the mood.”“I don’t like it.”“It’s not fun.”“It’s boring.”“It’s too hard.”“I’m sore.”What do all of those have in common? Well, besides all being things I have said at least once in the last two years, they are all . . . … Continue reading TAKE OVER THE WORLD