You know what hurts more than stepping barefoot on a lego? Stepping barefoot on TWO legos. No- it’s barbie shoes- evil plastic particles that they are. Wait, nope, actually, I think it might possibly be barefoot on metal toy airplanes. Yes, That. They draw blood even so for sure that wins. Guess what sucks more than a … Continue reading ALL THESE SMALL THINGS


When my son was really young, say from about age 18 months to three or so, he had a favorite word, unique as his personality, and dropped more frequently than names on the red carpet. He would say it when he disliked his food. He would say it when I asked him to do something. … Continue reading BLUCK YOU


Okay, so as follow up to yesterday's post; here is Part B of the whole happiness reconstruction project I’ve got going down. DIY Happy Pills: How to Reframe Your Way Into Being An Optimist Using the list referenced in “Carry On," to work through this let’s use the following (totally hypothetical . . ) scenarios: … Continue reading POMPEII


They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, then. Check me into the asylum friends, because um, I think this might be my parenting life, like, all of it. These are things that were actually uttered in my house this morning: "You are … Continue reading TALK (DIRTY) TO ME


“Dude. Totes. Whatev’s. OMG” (prounounced “ohemgee,” btw. . . ). Yep. These are words that have just landed in the vocabulary of my eight year old daughter. Holy. Shit. Now this girl has had some serious sass from day one, she’s my kid after all, poor thing can’t hardly help it. Nature and nurture are both … Continue reading DON’T MESS WITH KARMA


Holy-Day-After-Thanksgiving Food Coma Hangover. Yes, I mean a food hangover, it’s a real thing  (on the “off-chance” it wasn’t before, it is now). Let’s just take a collective groan right here- skip the “om” and go right to the lion’s breath sigh. I am fairly certain I consumed more calories yesterday than I did in … Continue reading SUGA, SUGA