Be Kind (Or Be Quiet)

“Be kind or be quiet!” I said the other day, during dinner in response to our key jar question. No hesitation, I just blurted it out the second I read the little strip of paper: “if you could give one piece of advice to the world, what would it be?” My family stared at me … Continue reading Be Kind (Or Be Quiet)



Softness. I’ve spent the better part of this year seeking softness, learning how I can move more gently, speak with more love, offer myself and others compassion and explore exactly what being a yes means to me. And, at the same time, I’ve been moving from a place of real, not simply “nice.” Yes, these … Continue reading GET REAL


I have a shirt that says "Trust the Universe" across the front and a tattoo on my foot that reads "one step at a time." My bathroom cabinet and light switch have quotes adhered to them reminding me to be awesome and other good crap like that. I read, every day, to my kids, for … Continue reading WORD