So my birthday is today and I’m now a number that is bigger than the number I was yesterday. Also, I am part of the TEDxSacramento Core team. Also, we have an event today, on my birthday. Also, also, that means I will be at TEDxSacramento, as a part of the core team, on my … Continue reading GET YOURS


You know how there are those people that just do one job their whole lives, they have one distinct style of dress and decorating, they know exactly what kind of wine to get because they always get the same one, and they’re the first one to order when you go out because they read the … Continue reading CHOICES


So. Tonight I’m getting on a plane. With my boyfriend. And tomorrow morning, we’ll land in New York City, and I’ll be…. THIRTY FIVE FUCKING YEARS OLD. Holy wow. I can’t even. Really. I just can’t even wrap my head around this amazing space right now. Every year of my thirties has brought tremendous change, … Continue reading BET MY LIFE


You know how sometimes you think you’ve learned a lesson, and then you roll along all normal-like, thinking you’ve finally rid yourself of said undesirable behavior and then. . . BOOM. There it is again. Right there. In your face. All.Over.Again. Yes, so like real life. Cycles of inquiry, layers of un-peeling, incremental growth and … Continue reading LOVE YOU LIKE I DO


The last two weeks I’ve experienced a concerning amount (for me) of self doubt. Second guessing. Re-considering. Feeling. . . slightly inadequate. Unwanted, maybe. I haven’t felt like this all the time, just for moments in between all the awesome that continues to happen all around, within (and in spite of?) me. But also, more than just an … Continue reading NO (MORE) DOUBT