I’m sitting on my couch late at night on a Friday reflecting on this year, its lessons, its pain, its growth, and looking for the light parts. Looking hard.

I’m here in maternity sweatpants with a sweater stretched over my bouncing and expanding belly, wearing a messy bun and practically no make-up despite having gone to a movie with my family earlier this evening, and staring at half polished toes I can’t reach.

It feels a lil’ bit different than last year same time. Tad. But then again, all of 2016 felt different. And not really me at my fullest expression for a good chunk of it. It felt a little… out of body, like, literally.  

When I look at the things that make me go, the things that make me a powerful me, I don’t see many of them hidden in the remains of this year. Continue reading



It’s finally the Monday After (Christmas). My house is quiet while I work, checking emails, surveying the results of an intense five weeks, identifying what’s now ahead.

My kids are gone to their dad’s for the week, my husband is lost down an NPR rabbit hole and I’ve already put away and deep cleaned my way out of the holiday that threw up on my living room floor so I can focus on things that are new, and clean, and fresh.


Like my intentions. And my perspective. And my profound gratitude for my life.


Christmas Day was so different this year. Quiet, cozy, still. No loud houseful of people, no noisy dinner with glasses clinking, inappropriate jokes and deep belly laughs. No cousins running up and down the stairwell, and aunts and uncles pretending to scold them. No new bikes being ridden, skates being used, and long cold winter walks in new hats and scarves and mittens, not that I’ve had a Christmas like in that in a long long time anyway.  Continue reading


Okay, here it is. The last post of 2014. Well, probably anyway, one never knows what inspiration might strike before the ball drops tonight.

I would like to close this year in the same way I try to do every day— with a full and grateful heart, at peace with who and where I am, as well as acknowledge who is there with me.

Because you are, there with me, that is. And you know what?

You rock my world. For real.

Want an example (or ten) of just how much? Lucky for you, all of these “your year in review”          e-mails keep popping up in my inbox and newsfeeds, letting me know the exact statistical significance of how you help me do what I do.

I’m being reminded of the work I did in the last twelve months with pretty infographics explaining things like the fact that this blog was viewed about 12,000 times, or that my top elephant article has almost 69,000 views at present.

Yeah. Whoa.


I cannot express enough gratitude for the lessons I learned, the places I went, the friends and connections I made, the stories I heard, the inspiration I found, and the journey I continued, one step at a time.

Amazing. It was an amazing year. Just exactly like I set my intention for it to be a year ago.

How ‘bout them apples?

To consider how that mass quantity of fabulousness came to be in my life, and also, honestly, for more shits and giggles, I also spent some time doing my own little review.

I looked back through the 1,059 photos I stored in cyberspace, read through some of my posts, and even browsed the vaults of my social media accounts to view the collection of my hysterically asinine comments, ridiculously awesome children doing ridiculous things and my serious obsession with instagramming food and drinks.

Whatever. I won’t judge if you won’t.

But, (un)filtered pictures of food aside, the longer I looked, the more I smiled. And people, I like smiling. Like a lot. Like a whole lot.

So this new year then I’m totally going as a copycat. I figure if I pulled off amazing last year then . . . you know, I could probably go 2-2 in 2015.

Most likely. Since I’m kind of super digging this whole manifestation deal. And since, uh, it’s working, like, um, pretty fucking well.

I mean. . . already lined up for 2015 are runs in Arizona and Washington, a yoga retreat to Costa Rica and possibly also Thailand, and oh yeah-

I’m going to Africa in March.

Africa. I’m FUCKING GOING TO AFRICA. For the Africa Yoga Project 

Yoga. In Africa.

Doesn’t that blow your mind? It does mine. It will undeniably be a life changing experience, creating an impact that extends through and beyond me. I am profoundly humbled to get to participate in such an undertaking, infinetly beholden to the universe for providing this opportunity.

And, also, it is absolute confirmation that the law of attraction is at work in my life, validating that when you ask clearly you shall recieve.

However, here’s the best part of it all, actually. My work isn’t done, in fact, it’s just beginning.  I get to keep doing this happy little dance again, and again, and again, AND, I get to share it.

What my teachers have taught me I’m spreading. I’m taking what I’ve learned, what I’m learning, what I’ve done and what I’m doing, and I’m making something of it (jokes, mostly, but also, um, like making a difference, I think anyway).

I’m dedicating myself to this endeavor every day; I’m committing to being a better version of myself not just for me, but so I can be of greater service to others.

I want you to grow with me. I want you to be inspired. I want to live my sentence— “she empowered others to be the best version of themselves”— every single day.

Thank you for being a part of the “others” that I hope to empower. Thanks for reading, for listening, for sharing, for commenting, for writing to and connecting with me (that’s totally my favorite thing ever, btw).

Thanks for being the you that you are.

With sincere appreciation, a smile, and pair of sparkling eyes, I wish you all a Happy New Year today, tomorrow, and every day.

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Okay people. We are almost there. Final push. Four more days of 2014 remaining.

You’ve made it through several rounds of dysfunctional family fun, successfully lived to see another December 26th begin and end, and probably (just guessing) already made and broke several promises to detox, eat clean, and go for a run tomorrow.

Congrats. You’re almost to the big day. The magic eraser for life. A do-over. Resolution time.

All of that guilt is about to be removed from your back, neck, shoulders and ummmmmm, gut.

Right? Because for sure, you are going to wake up on Friday and everything will be different because it’s 2015 and now you MEAN BUSINESS.

Thursday? Thursday you had some intentions. Thursday you bought a Groupon for a month of CrossFit, a ten class pass to hot yoga, four hours with personal trainer, and a week of detox juices, then toasted yourself for this bit of genius with few glasses of bubbly.

But Friday? Friday you’re ready. Game.On.

Right after you peel yourself from the couch, that is.

Yeah. Gotcha there, don’t I?

Because there’s always tomorrow. You can do it later. Not now. Next time. You will totally get up on that in a little bit.

Sure you will.

Here’s the thing. January 1st is rather arbitrary date, all things considered.

While New Years serves as a reminder for us to get our shit together, to forgive ourselves for what we haven’t done, accomplished, been, seen, or loved, and to “do better” this year, it’s really just another day.

Because, friends, every day is a chance to start over. Hell, every second is chance to start over. The next chapter of your life starts right now. And then again with your next breath.

And then again after that.

When will your life begin to really shift? When will the dreams you have for yourself begin to take tangible form? When will it finally be Friday?

The answer, the one you know is coming, is that it’s whenever the hell you say it is.

When you are ready to take ownership of your reality. When you commit making something new. When you take the first step. When you say yes to what is possible and no to excuses.

When you stop being afraid of your own potential.

You have the opportunity to create a new life for yourself all day, every day.  You know exactly who is standing in your way.

Move over.

So, go ahead and do your thing the next four days if you’d like. Stay exactly where you are. Keep saying no. Insist you’re not ready for anything better, yet.

You want to eat and drink more in a week than you did the entire month of November? Go for it. You know what will happen. You know if it is or isn’t good for you (99.99% chance it’s the latter). You know what serves you, literally, and what doesn’t.

If you do overindulge, don’t complain about it — own that shit. Do it and love it, or don’t and be content with that decision. Your call. Your future. Just, no whining please.

You chose this reality; you are a participant, not a recipient.

When you’re ready to roll, when you’ve finally decided that you’re ready to stop waiting for Friday, then, well, then let’s talk.

For now, today, right now, I’ll leave you with a suggestion. A hint—

If you want something, the first step is figuring out exactly what the fuck it is.

Get clear, very clear, about what you really want.  Good stuff happens after that, I promise.

Ready? Just say when.

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