“The more we embrace the constant change of life, the less we get knocked over by it” - Baron Baptiste After Monday’s post on focusing on the positive (I think that’s what it was about anyway, I’m still a little confused, to be honest) it seemed appropriate to have a little chat/pep talk/follow-up with some … Continue reading CARRY ON


WOW. I repeat. WOW. That, was one hell of a week. Holy.Shit. I’m not even sure where to start with the brain dumping required to process all of that. Somebody reel my head down from the clouds, I think it’s time for me to join the land of the gravity bound again. Reality check please? … Continue reading SOUND OF SUNSHINE


Worried your child isn’t turning out to be the superstar you had planned for him to be? Recently scored "yes" on the "Is My Kid An Asshole" quiz? Fear not. Success is all in the eye of the beholder. There’s a silver lining in every cloud, an Elmo in every Oscar, and room for vodka … Continue reading SPIN


In case you didn’t notice, it’s almost commercial holiday season again. Oh boy.I went into CVS yesterday and saw the shelves laden with heart shaped merchandise (taaaaacccckkkkkyyyy) and enough pink and red crap to decorate the walls of a Victoria’s Secret superstore. To this rosy scene I had a threefold (and rather visceral, I may … Continue reading I CRY


Some Mondays I wake up and I think “uuuunnnnhhhh. Yeah. Bring it Monday. Whatcha got? I’m ready to handle it. Show me your best stuff, I so got this” (see here for evidence of this clarity of thought).  Some days, I uh, don’t. This week, my Monday was one of the latter. One of those … Continue reading CAN YOU FEEL MY SUNSHINE


Stop. Right now. Before you go read any further, wherever you are, regardless of what you’ve got going on, do one of the following: a) high five yourself (or a neighbor)b) have a ten second dance party, arms in the air (cuz' the ceiling can’t hold you . . .) or,c)slow clap, nice and loud, … Continue reading PARKING LOT PARTY (Life.Happens.)