I’m a lifelong athlete and have been running since my feet first hit the ground way back when big bangs were first in style and you still had to get up to change the tv channel. I spent the better part of the last two decades working in the education and training and development arenas and running myself into the ground before I finally found myself at yoga, got a (new and improved) view on life and got cozy with a friend called CHANGE.

In 2013 I left my job as a school administrator, cashed out my retirement, said a prayer, crossed my fingers, did a money dance, set some intentions, and opened myself up to possibility from the universe.   So far I’d say it’s working out, like, well, like amazingly well actually.

During my journey I’ve become a Registered Yoga Teacher, went on a Seva Safari with the Africa Yoga Project in South Africa, and started several careers.  I have grown my writing from a passion to a profession, discovered that oversharing online is my kind of jam, got social media certified (it’s a thing!), failed at staying with anything mainstream, and along the way, married my best friend. Together, we’re building a movement to help others get out of their comfort zones to find the best version of themselves by getting real, authentic, and wild.

When I’m not writing or facilitating the development of bodies and minds somewhere, I am usually off adventuring with my family, socializing on the grid, or getting an exercise-induced endorphin fix on the trail, the mat, and by lifting heavy objects. Discover my love affair with words, life and grammatically correct profanity while laughing with (at?) me here, on elephantjournal, Scary Mommy, or via Girls on the Grid.

You can also stalk me find me over(photo)sharing on instagram, being a smart ass on twitter  or posting content on the thing your granny loves to like you on— you know, The Facebook.



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