Last week I was talking with a friend about my hairstylist, and not 60 seconds later her assistant called me to remind me of my upcoming appointment.

Just a few weeks prior I was sitting and chatting with my team about an industry acquaintance and within five minutes he walked around the corner and sat down with us. This has actually happened three times with the same group of people and a different acquaintance or friend.

I was sitting in the traffic with my kids talking about the effects of sugar in the body, and the Maroon 5 song by that very name came on within 10 seconds. Continue reading



 “Mom, she sounds like you.”

My daughter said to me on Saturday night, as we watched Taylor Swift in concert from the floor of a packed stadium in Santa Clara.

What do you mean?” I asked. Because, I mean, I love to sing and all, but I own the level of badness that is my singing voice. It’s not pretty. She definitely didn’t mean that, and Taylor was on stage talking to all 50,000 of us about her life, and her songs, and being all amazing, and sparkly, and 25, and awesome. Continue reading


It’s Monday, the second full week of August, and I’m sitting on my living room floor working while my kids play with their legos nearby. I can hear them negotiating as they create a story that is at the same time ridiculous and yet totally believable; a world with its own unique set of rules.  Listening to them, I am reminded of the boundaries we place on our own possibility. Governed by our own limitations, we determine how big our expression of life becomes.

Really. It’s a choice.

They go back to school Wednesday, my kids. Their long, short summer is coming to a rapid close already, and I recognize how they’ve changed since June. They’ve grown, in size, in spirit, in self expression. They are new kids, in so many ways. Continue reading


That’s silly, you can’t ask for what you want,” my son said last week.

I pulled over, stopped the car, turned around and looked him dead in the eye. “Oh no buddy. You can absolutely ask for what you want. In fact, if you don’t, you’re unlikely to ever get it.”

This led to a brief discussion about intentions, clarity, and wants versus needs, goals versus expectations, and the point that we weren’t exactly talking material things here.  He kind of got it. Mostly though, it was a self check about what I am personally drawing into my line of view, and my world. Continue reading


Today I celebrate the tenth birthday of my daughter.  She’s ten. A decade. 3,652 days (you know, plus leap years?) old.

Parenthood, well that escalated quickly.

But seriously, when people say “the days are long but the years are fast,” they aren’t fucking kidding. Continue reading