“Oooooh. Shiny. Prettttttttty. I like it. I think I might want to have it”Who: me What: An opportunity, a big, rather unexpected one that’s kind of right up my alley, so to speak. More specifically, the chance to bring many things back into my life that I left behind a year ago- stability, consistency, a regular … Continue reading ALL THAT GLITTERS


“Mountains and forests and squirrels oh my!” I just returned from a four day “yogation” in Yosemite National Forest with a group of ladies who, upon our early morning departure Thursday, other than one yoga pal I met in March were people upon who I had never before laid eyes, but by Sunday evening were … Continue reading A GREAT BIG WORLD


MAN IN THE MIRROR Today I am: Fatigued. Consumed. Enervated. Spent. Exhausted. Consumed. Weary. Humbled. Expended. Naked. Raw.But, I am also: Open. Available. Cognizant. Aware. Conscious. Observant. Grounded. Alive. Awake. Receptive. Willing.So yes, I’ve been doing some yoga. A bit. Tad. Small amount. Small as about… sixty hours of practice between last Wednesday and today. Ow. … Continue reading MAN IN THE MIRROR


You know what hurts more than stepping barefoot on a lego? Stepping barefoot on TWO legos. No- it’s barbie shoes- evil plastic particles that they are. Wait, nope, actually, I think it might possibly be barefoot on metal toy airplanes. Yes, That. They draw blood even so for sure that wins. Guess what sucks more than a … Continue reading ALL THESE SMALL THINGS