(The) Good Life

Attention please, alert the presses, there is a new contender for the 2014 Mother of The Year Award. Who? Why, yours truly of course. Duh. Supporting evidence: Me. In pajamas. Driving my children (all) two blocks to school, five minutes before the bell rings. Yeah… so that just happened, and no by pajamas I don’t … Continue reading (The) Good Life


I am starting to realize there are people who work, and people who work OUT. Apparently, I am increasingly becoming one of the latter. Oops. Note to self- find a way for exercise to pay the bills, like soon. Given my flexible(ish) schedule, I am able to devote an average of about two hours a … Continue reading I LIKE THE WAY YOU WORK IT


“The more we embrace the constant change of life, the less we get knocked over by it” - Baron Baptiste After Monday’s post on focusing on the positive (I think that’s what it was about anyway, I’m still a little confused, to be honest) it seemed appropriate to have a little chat/pep talk/follow-up with some … Continue reading CARRY ON


WOW. I repeat. WOW. That, was one hell of a week. Holy.Shit. I’m not even sure where to start with the brain dumping required to process all of that. Somebody reel my head down from the clouds, I think it’s time for me to join the land of the gravity bound again. Reality check please? … Continue reading SOUND OF SUNSHINE


Lately I’ve found myself focused in several different directions. Yes, that’s right. Focused. In several different directions. . . That’s a bit of an oxymoron right there. Fairly standard protocol around these parts. The multiplicity of tasks demanding my simultaneous attention are increasing, and not surprisingly coinciding with the amount of sleep I’m not getting. … Continue reading RUNNING TO STAND STILL


This last winter I almost fell off the wagon. Ow. Now just simmer down now people, I’m not talking about THE wagon, like the dry ride that the recovering wasted take, I’m talking about the Chill Wagon. The CTFD train, the Slow Motion roller coaster, the Hide Your Crazy carriage. That was one bumpy ride, … Continue reading JUST CHILLIN’ IT