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This week I finished up the Spring semester at both colleges at which I am lucky enough to get to share my knowledge about reading strategies, the fine science of navigating the maze that is a college textbook, English vocabulary, and, well, life in general. It has been my pleasure and privilege to facilitate the … Continue reading DOIN’ IT RIGHT


Yesterday I ran the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco, in a tutu, tired as hell, but happier than happy to be surrounded by over 40,000 fellow endorphin junkies (liberal interpretation suggested. . .). I decided, against better advice, to actually run the event, just this once, just so I could have that experience. … Continue reading PIMP MY STRIDE


When my son was really young, say from about age 18 months to three or so, he had a favorite word, unique as his personality, and dropped more frequently than names on the red carpet. He would say it when he disliked his food. He would say it when I asked him to do something. … Continue reading BLUCK YOU


I recently recognized something in my life- I am having a love affair- and it's starting to show. Like, all the time. Gasp. CTFD; it’s not a man. Sheesh. I know this really messes with your perception of an English Professor here, being so out of character and all, but competing (narrowly) with six packs, tattoos … Continue reading LOVE AFFAIR


“I can’t do this.”“I’m too tired.”“I don’t want to.”“I don’t have time.”“I’m just not in the mood.”“I don’t like it.”“It’s not fun.”“It’s boring.”“It’s too hard.”“I’m sore.”What do all of those have in common? Well, besides all being things I have said at least once in the last two years, they are all . . . … Continue reading TAKE OVER THE WORLD


“It’s not swagger, I’m just sore.” This is my motto today. Put the signal out and call the dark night please, cuz,  holy workout Batman, this girl’s about to go down for the count. Just kidding. Mostly. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I am sore. But whatever, I love it. No pain, no gain, tear … Continue reading SUPERSTAR