“Oooooh. Shiny. Prettttttttty. I like it. I think I might want to have it”

Who: me

What: An opportunity, a big, rather unexpected one that’s kind of right up my alley, so to speak.

More specifically, the chance to bring many things back into my life that I left behind a year ago- stability, consistency, a regular paycheck, a “normal” schedule, health benefits. . .

Oh, so yeah, it’s a job.

But I’m saying “no.” Tempting, quite. But “no, thank you.”  I’m staying true to the path and journey I set out on last June.

My name is Michelle, and I’m an entrepreneur.

When my daughter was younger I used to joke about about her ridiculously short attention span. Seriously, I was competing for attention with that girl with things like rocks, nail polish particles and chunks of hardened playdough. Try as I might to vary the prosody with which I delivered riveting statements such as “put on your shirt,” “hang your towel up,” and “it’s time to go,” I lost, every time, to shiny objects. Every. Time.

Well, joke’s on me, apparently. Funny as that was, I uh, kind of sort of maybe know where she got it from. . .   Turns out, I get distracted by shiny objects too. They just look a little different.

I have about 999,999 things I would like to go/see/do/be in this lifetime, and while I proceed at warp speed to accomplish them all, I also work really hard to keep my feet on the ground, headed in the same direction at the same time, for the the big puzzle pieces. The corner pieces, the keystones, those things that make the other 999,900 items possible, those demand a level of dedication different than those suggested by spontaneous acts of life.

So, when out of the blue the potential to work in the fitness industry, with standard hours, a consistent paycheck and healthcare that costs neither one arm nor one leg, arose, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was tempted to drop everything I’ve spent the last year working for and jump right back into the rat race. Like a lot. Like a lot lot. I even went to the interview earlier this week.


And then I remembered my intention. Then I recalled my purpose. Then I remembered why I started this journey and while this last year has birthed some of the biggest changes in my lifetime, it has been the best one yet.

Hands down. No contest.

I recalled some recent advice I read- “no emotional voting on things that have been decided.” Meaning, to me, not allowing fear and discomfort to affect the intentional decision I made last June (while completely rational and operating from a grounded and centered place) to do the work I do and lead the lifestyle I lead (and LOVE).

I am not giving up on my purpose. Hell no.

In making this decision, I considered the following:

1. Is it the forest or the trees?

Essentially, is it going to meet a short or long term (or both) goal? What are the immediate and future benefits and effects?

2. Who cares?

For whom does it create a direct and indirect effect? How will their, and my, life change as a result?

3.   Service please

Will it serve me? Will it assist me in being the best version of me possible? Is it really who I am?

4. Does it measure up?

Is it aligned with my core values and beliefs? Does it match my life’s purpose?

5. Am I bunting?

Is it an easy out? Am I engaging in emotional voting? Am I operating from a scarcity, or abundance, mentality? Am I listening to my gut?

6. Is there a statute of limitations?

Is this going to be available later or is it it really a “once in a lifetime opportunity?

7. Does it fit in a box?

How might it limit my life? What’s the impact on my lifestyle- my free time, my interests, my other work pursuits, my social time, my health and fitness?

8. Say Yes to the Dress.

What will it look like if I say “yes?” Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, a year from now. What will my life’s puzzle resemble then?

9. Strike three.

What happens if I want out? How simple or complicated will it be to walk away from, again?

10. Am I keeping my word?

Is it amazing? Really? Is it? Amazing is a powerful word. It is not the same as good, cool, great, or fabulous. Is it AMAZING?


I asked myself these questions, and not surprisingly, the answer was right there, right in front of me, just beyond the shiny object that lay in my path. I am gently, thoughtfully and with great respect, stepping over it and moving along, eyes focused clearly on my next two steps.


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