It’s Friday, the weekend is about to start and I’m wondering— what are you holding onto from your week?

Someone make you upset at work on Monday morning and you’re still brooding over it?   Didn’t hear back from a friend and wondering what’s up?  Waiting desperately for that hot guy from yoga to ask you out while you simultaneously ignore all advances from anyone who’s categorically “not your type?”

Unwilling to quit your job because you don’t have a new one lined up yet? Staying with your partner because you don’t have a “better” option? Wistfully browsing zillow looking for a new place but still haven’t put your house on the market?

Knock it off

Why are you still holding on to that shit? Let it go. It’s over. Done. In the past, keep it there. Drop it (yes, like it’s hot) and move out, soldier.

Staying immersed in something we don’t want instead of something we do leaves zero opportunity for anything new to enter our lives. You simply cannot expect to receive without first giving.

In the game of life, the universe asks you to play the first card.

The law of attraction shows that we bring in that which we put forth. A scarcity mentality gets a pocket full o’ nothing, while a mindset of abundance offers us wealth beyond forecast.  Why place restrictions on your life when you could live limitlessly?

When we continue to give our thoughts, time and energy to something that is draining, as opposed to filling our metaphorical buckets, we thereby restrict rather than expand our potential.

Likewise, the more attached we are to an idea of how something is going to go, work, look or be, the greater the fall is when it fails to meet our expectations.

Holding on offers chains, not wings, boxes not ladders, and canyons without bridges.

You have a choice in every opportunity— take action, or let go.

If you want that guy to ask you out then let him know it. If he doesn’t call, let him go.

If you want to get to the next rung on the ladder, let go of the one below it.

If you want to see what the next step is on the path, lift your feet off the current stone.

If you want new, let go of old.

Let go my friends.

Just let go.

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